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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA.gov), nearly 7 percent of Idahoans struggle with alcohol abuse or addiction. Alarmingly, the Department of Health and Human Services reports that 22 percent of Idaho high school students engage in binge drinking behavior. Alcohol addiction is a long-term struggle—we can help you find Idaho long-term alcohol treatment to help.

What is Long-Term Alcohol Treatment?

There are many long-term alcohol treatment centers in Idaho, each providing a variety of treatment methods. The main similarity is that treatment lasts at least 30 days—often much longer (90-120 days). Because alcohol addiction develops over time, successful treatment also requires a sufficient length of time to provide a lasting recovery while minimizing the chances of relapse.

Signs that Idaho Long-Term Alcohol Treatment is Necessary

Friends and family members are often the first to realize that someone they love is struggling with alcohol addiction; they see how alcohol affects that person’s health, safety, and behavior. The person suffering may also realize that there is a problem if they notice the following signs:

  • Feeling the need to hide drinking habits from others out of shame or guilt
  • Lying to others about drinking habits
  • Friends and family worrying about how drinking is affecting the person’s life
  • Needing a drink to relax or deal with emotions
  • “Blackouts” where the person cannot remember what happened after drinking
  • Often drinking more than intended
  • Alcohol affecting relationships, school and work

What Kinds of Idaho Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Centers Are There?

Alcohol addiction is also a very complex disease with physical, mental, and emotional components; sufferers require support from a team of medical and mental health professionals, as well as family and friends. Successful long-term treatment programs usually include the following elements:

  • A medically-supervised detoxification process
  • Separation from the environment/stimuli that aggravated the addiction
  • Evidence-based, intensive therapies that include individual, group and family therapy, with therapists having at least a masters-level certification
  • Opportunities for developing positive coping mechanisms and life skills
  • Aftercare programs and therapy that help the patient reintegrate into normal life and minimize the risk of relapse

There are several long-term alcohol treatment centers in Idaho that meet these requirements. Therapy styles, however, may vary. Often, clients can find a mixture of one or more of the following styles:

  • 12-Step Programs—A time-tested program originally developed by Alcoholics Anonymous, but that has since been adapted to many different formats
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)—A psychotherapist helps patients undo negative thought patterns and helps create new, positive behavior patterns
  • Holistic—Numerous approaches are combined address mental, physical and spiritual health aspects of recovery. It may include 12-Step and CBT as well as nutrition, yoga, acupuncture, herbal medicine and other therapies
  • Wilderness—Intensive outdoor living experience, combined with therapy has been a successful recovery format for many people
  • Faith-Based—Seeking assistance from a higher power can feel spiritually nourishing for many people during their recovery

Aside from these alcohol addiction recovery options, there are still others that may work for a variety individuals. The AlcoholTreatment.net team is dedicated to helping you find a program that will best fit your unique needs.

Examples of Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Centers in Idaho

Several long-term alcohol treatment centers serve Idaho. We can help you find the best one for your road to recovery. The following are just 3 examples in different areas of the state, but there are many others as well:

Renaissance Ranch Addiction Treatment Center

A faith-based approach that uses the 12-Step program, CBT, and several other forms of therapy. Renaissance Ranch Addiction Treatment Center won the 2104 “Best of State Award” for its successful addiction recovery programs.

Idaho Addiction Treatment Centers

Located in Idaho Falls, this long-term alcohol addiction recovery center also employs the 12-Step, faith-based models, but with significant help from psychotherapy such as CBT.

Kootenai Behavioral Health

In northern Idaho, Kootenai Behavioral Health provides a long-term alcohol treatment program with a strong medically-supervised component; includes CBT, 12-Step, and others.

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