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Alcohol impacts lives every day. It harms personal relationships with loved ones and it causes physical harm to the body when individuals binge drink or show signs of alcohol abuse. In Hawaii, roughly 260,000 residents over 12 years old admit to binge drinking within a one month period, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. While admission into a treatment program in Hawaii have declined over the past ten years, according to SAMHSA, nearly 40 percent of individuals seeking treatment abuse alcohol. By understanding the treatment options available and seeking long-term care, you work on the underlying causes of alcohol abuse and start the recovery process.

Basics of Long-Term Treatment in Hawaii

A long-term treatment facility in Hawaii refers to any program offering a treatment program with more than 35 days. Generally, it means the program offers 60 days or longer for treatment and initial recovery from alcohol abuse. Some programs allow individuals to stay in the facility until they feel comfortable with their abilities to avoid alcohol. In most cases, the programs last for 60 to 90 days. In certain situations, a facility offers 6 to 12 months.

Although many programs offer residential care for long-term treatments, it also refers to outpatient programs with a long-term approach to recovery. Outpatient programs differ because the individual stays in their home environment and works on recovery by going to different treatments throughout the week. The best option depends on personal needs and obligations, but any long-term program allows individuals to focus on accomplishing their goals.

Reasons to Seek Long-Term Care

The reasons individuals seek long-term treatment for alcohol addiction recovery depend on their specific situation. Generally, the programs offer clear benefits when working on recovery due to the long duration of time.

Common benefits and reasons to consider a long-term treatment plan include:

  • Focusing on recovery for an extended period
  • Working on co-occurring disorders or trauma, which addresses underlying complications associated with alcohol abuse
  • Developing healthy skills
  • Working on physical, emotional and mental health
  • Developing relationships and building a strong support network
  • Adapting and adjusting the treatment plan when necessary
  • Using multiple treatment solutions, including evidence-based treatments and holistic programs
  • Working on recovery as a personal pace

Alcohol addiction requires the right tools to address underlying complications. Whether an individual shows signs of trauma or needs help with physical ailments causing pain and discomfort, a long-term treatment program allows professionals to address the underlying complications and problems. It also provides enough time to make changes to the treatment plan when individuals improve or need a slower pace for their recovery process. Each person has different needs, so the best plan of action varies between people and programs.

Facilities in Hawaii

Although a long-term program provides the opportunity to make positive changes, the best facility for your goals and needs will vary. By comparing different programs in Hawaii and finding a program that works around your needs, you improve the recovery results.

The Malama Family Recovery Center offers a long-term residential treatment program at the Aloha House. The program focuses on recovery in a safe environment, so it works with adolescents and adults. The facility works around personal needs, so the length of the treatment program depends on the specific individual and their needs.

Habilitat is a long-term program with a traditional approach to treatment. The facility creates a structured environment and works in different phases to address the underlying causes of alcohol abuse. The program also takes measures to improve personal lifestyles by providing appropriate education for the specific situation.

Poailani Inc offers short and long-term residential treatment for substance abuse. The program specializes in co-occurring disorders and offers treatment for mental health concerns as well as substance abuse. The facility uses a continuum of care process for individual growth and improvement over an extended period.

Selecting a Program

TFor more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!reating an addiction to alcohol requires the right tools and treatments for personal goals. Since each person has different needs, the best long-term treatment facility for your goals and specific situation will vary. To compare different alcohol recovery programs in Hawaii or to identify long-term treatment facilities for alcohol abuse, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today.

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