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Georgia– home to Atlanta, Savannah, and the Southern Appalachia –is known for its peach trees, peanuts, and the Bible Belt. However, it’s also a place where people are struggling with alcohol addiction and abuse, just as they would if they lived in any other state in the nation. Alcohol dependency occurs in all households of all backgrounds, religious upbringings, and social standings. It does not discriminate on the people who it affects, or their family members and loved ones. Fortunately being addicted to alcohol is an illness that can be treated through alcohol treatment centers. For individuals who have struggled for many years, or are deeply into alcohol addiction, long-term treatment can be an effective solution.

Purpose of Long-term Alcohol Treatment

In Georgia, 3,810,000 adults over 12 years reported using alcohol in the past month. According to the Mayo Clinic, male adults should drink up to two drinks at a time, while females are limited to less than two. Drinking five drinks at a time is considered binge drinking. Note that 1,598,000 adults admitted to binge drinking in the past month, while 3,696,000 stated they drank five or more alcoholic beverages at least once per week. Binge drinking is a symptom of someone who has a problem with alcohol abuse. Considering that only 44,860 adults 12 and older went into rehab in the last year in Georgia, there is a substantial portion of the population lacking treatment. For someone who has a binge drinking problem, that is a sign that they need to get long-term treatment. In a long-term treatment facility residents receive at least 30 days of treatment for alcohol dependency. Typically a long-term treatment facility will be residential, although outpatient treatment programs are available for long-term care. In Georgia, individuals seeking long-term treatment have many options. Here are a few of the highlights.

Saint Simons By-The-Sea

Saint Simons By-The-Sea is located on the coast in St. Simons, Georgia, which provides residents with a relaxed and peaceful environment. As a dual psychiatric and addiction hospital serving adults, as well as teens, this facility offers treatment for co-existing disorders that include mental illness. Another segment of the population served by Saint Simons By-The-Sea is the military demographic. Active-duty service members and military veterans receive treatment tailored for their unique needs. These services include inpatient dual diagnosis treatment and military specific treatment. A dedicated military liaison and veterans on staff help to ease soldiers both active and non into the program.

Willingway — The Addiction Treatment Experts

Located in Statesboro, Georgia, Willingway offers gender specific long-term treatment programs. For males, the men’s lodge accommodates up to 25 men from detox through to recovery. Females live in the women’s residence for up to a year, depending on the individual’s level of care and treatment plan. For both males and females the services available range from individual counseling with a certified addiction counselor to the ability to attend school.


For individuals living in South Georgia, Greenleaf is a patient-centered treatment provider. Situated in Valdosta, Georgia, Greenleaf patients can receive an array of treatment options depending on their individual needs. Initially patients go through a detoxification period of five to seven days, followed by a 28-day program for long-term treatment. The center also prescribes to the 12-step program and offers Alcoholics Anonymous meetings bi-weekly. As part of the holistic treatments Greenleaf provides daily recreational therapy utilizing an onsite pool and fitness center.

Getting Long-Term Treatment Advice

For more information, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today!Now that you have a better understanding of what long-term treatment for alcohol addiction involves, you are one step closer to changing your life. As you see, Georgia offers a wide range of options for long-term treatment. Whether you are in the military or prefer a holistic treatment program, you can find a long-term care facility for your treatment plan. Still have questions or need advice regarding how to find a long-term alcohol treatment center in Georgia? That’s what we are here for, to help guide you along the path toward healing and recovery. Here at AlcoholTreatment.net our alcohol addiction experts have compiled everything you need to know about getting long-term alcohol treatment. Contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net today to find out more about how we can help you.

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