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Colorado is one of the most liberal states when it comes to imbibing substances, as noted with the legalization of marijuana. However, when it comes to alcohol there is a notable number of adults consuming alcohol without receiving long-term treatment for dependency. For example, in the last month 1,097,000 adults over 12 years old reported to binge drinking in 2012 and 2013. That is over a million people. Now, look at the number of people being admitted to rehab for alcohol—1,799 per 100,000 in 2011. Among those only 2.5 percent of adults chose to go into long-term treatment in 2010. That is a scant percentage considering the benefits that long-term treatment for alcohol can provide. In order to increase the effectiveness of long-term treatment, which is notably the most successful form of alcohol treatment, first we need to look at the benefits of long-term treatment.

Benefiting from Long-Term Alcohol Treatment

Finding a way to stay sober and live a life in recovery is a constant battle for people who are dependent on alcohol. Fortunately we have the resources of long-term treatment centers to offer to these individuals. Through long-term treatment, patients are able to gain a strong hold on the reasons why they are using and abusing alcohol. Often they are struggling with a dual diagnosis of alcohol dependency and mental illness. Many individuals have unresolved issues from their past. Whatever the case, long-term treatment offers the greatest potential for addressing these circumstances. By committing to a long-term program, such as an outpatient program via AA or the inpatient residential care facility, patients can streamline their focus on sobriety. These days there are many options for long-term treatment that truly meet the needs of individuals. In Colorado especially wilderness treatment and outdoor programs geared at the Rocky Mountains, camping, fishing and mountain climbing are very popular. Faith based programs are another type of alcohol treatment that grants a specific population with a more personalized approach. In order to find the best suited long-term treatment center for your alcohol dependency, take a look at these three Colorado alcohol treatment centers that we have highlighted for you.

Harmony Foundation

Registered with the trademark “Recovery in the Rockies,” the Harmony Foundation offers a 30 residential stay for males and females. Here patients live in a residential treatment facility on a 43 acre campus outside of Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains. The scenic environment is a focal point for residents who find the natural setting to be extremely peaceful and calming.

Aspen Ridge Recovery

Located in Lakewood, Aspen Ridge Recovery offers a 90 day alcohol treatment program for males and females. The program is comprehensive and holistic in the approach, which involves alcoholism along with co-occurring disorders. Residents share a house, have 24/7 supervision, and attend 12 Step meetings. Access to a psychiatrist, therapy sessions, and a gym are open throughout all stages of the patient’s stay.

Chrysalis Treatment Center

At the Chrysalis Treatment Center in Aurora, the target client demographic is Hispanic, Latino or other racial backgrounds. Spanish is spoken here in addition to English. Individuals ranging from 11 years old and up are treated here for alcohol addiction and abuse. Long-term residential treatment is provided for more than 30 days, as well as an intensive outpatient program and day treatment. The Chrysalis Treatment Center offers a wide variety of treatment options including art therapy, Gottman Method, mindfulness based (MBCT), and play therapy.

Getting Long-Term Treatment for Alcohol in Colorado

Contact us and check out our free and confidential tools and resources at AlcoholTreatment.net.After reading through some of the specific long-term treatment centers available to you in Colorado, it’s time to make a decision for yourself. However, you may still want to gain more knowledge and advice regarding long-term treatment for alcohol. Here at AlcoholTreatment.net we are ready to provide you with all of that information, as well as support during the process of treatment. Contact us and check out our free and confidential tools and resources at AlcoholTreatment.net. All of the information we provide to you has been well vetted and reviewed by our addiction experts. Take advantage of our resources as you find the new you, free of alcohol dependency.

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