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Alcohol abuse is one of the most serious and debilitating conditions that can quickly escalate into something out of control. In 2005-2006, the percentage of the population abusing alcohol (age 26 and older) placed California among the 10 highest states in the country. In 2011, 35,427 people aged 12 or older were admitted to rehab in California. Finding the right treatment center is just as important as getting through the symptoms of addiction. There are many types of programs and facilities, including both long and short-term programs, but knowing which ones are right and the level of intensity they offer can make a tremendous difference in recovery.

Alcohol Abuse & Addiction

Alcohol abuse often occurs when someone does not understand certain challenges they go through. When times get tough or stressful, individuals sometimes turn to alcohol as an outlet. As this continues to happen, abuse becomes serious and uncontrollable, which is a sure sign that treatment is warranted. Subsequently, addiction sets in and rehab may be a necessity in order to recover from the disease.

There are a number of signs that can cue you in to a loved one abusing or being addicted to alcohol. These include but are not limited to slacking off at work or school, having problems at home, constant drinking at all times of the day, experiencing legal and financial issues, and poor hygiene.

Long-Term Treatment

There are differences in short- and long-term treatment. One of the main differences is that long-term treatment usually requires the patient to reside on the premises of the rehab facility and short-term treatment is generally an outpatient service where the patient comes for treatment during the day, then returns home. Different types of treatment must be available to accommodate each person as an individual, as two experiences with addiction are exactly alike. Long-term treatment offers an individual the opportunity to live in a stress-free environment and maintain positive behaviors and practices through professional help. This, along with the length of time that a patient may be admitted to a program, offers a greater chance for long-term success in recovery.

How serious is alcohol abuse in California?

In 2009, 23,284 people entered alcohol rehab and an additional 19,832 people who went to treatment for alcohol. In 2010, 37,962 individuals were admitted to long-term rehab in the state, and in 2012 and 2013, over 30,000 individuals were admitted in the past month. This is an epidemic that must be taken care of, with consistent treatment to ensure patients do not relapse.

Treatment Centers in California

California is full of treatment centers that are available to assist patients who are seeking short- and long-term treatment programs. Ken Seeley Communities is a Recovery Assistance program located in Palm Springs, California. They offer a Case Management system that requires a one-year commitment with sober living support. The Northbound Treatment Services Medical Detox facility is located in Costa Mesa, California. It specializes in treating young adults. 24-hour medical supervision is available for this inpatient and outpatient facility. Sea Change Recovery is in Santa Monica and is a holistic treatment center with both short- and long-term programs. True Life Center for Wellbeing is in San Diego. They have both an intensive outpatient program and a long-term partial hospitalization (day treatment) program. Malibu Beach Recovery Centers is in Malibu, California and has an intensive outpatient program and a long-term residential program.

Contact us today and get your life back.The right facility will aid in getting each individual back on track. It is important to make sure every component is covered and that the program does not add additional stress during recovery. Treatment programs that embrace your family and encourage their participation in rehabilitation is a good place to start in your search. AlcoholTreatment.net is here to help you find the right facility. Contact us today and get your life back.

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