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In states across the country, alcohol abuse tends to be the most common reason for people to seek professional substance abuse treatment. While a controlled amount of alcohol consumption is considered safe, more than 500,000 Arkansans binged on alcohol last month. It’s no surprise, then, to learn that an average of 35 to 40 percent of admissions into Arkansas substance abuse programs between 2001 and 2011 were for alcohol abuse treatment. In 2010, about 12 percent of the 14,000 people in Arkansas who sought treatment opted for long-term care.

When to Seek Alcohol Treatment

Since alcohol is the most widely consumed drug in the world, alcohol addiction can often go undiagnosed for a long time. Those with alcohol abuse problems – and their friends and family – can often remain in denial for years. How then do you know when to seek long-term alcohol treatment? Watch for these signs:

  • You choose to drink all day, shirk your responsibilities, and skip work or school.
  • Your constant drinking gets in the way of being a good friend.
  • Your alcohol addiction has led to missed commitments and inappropriate behavior.
  • You hide your drinking or claim to be sober when you aren’t.
  • You’ll do anything for a drink: lie, steal and rack up debt.
  • Your doctor has told you to stop drinking because of its effects on your health – which may range from liver and kidney problems to vitamin deficiency and heart disease – but you still have difficulty quitting on your own.

What Is Long-Term Alcohol Treatment?

Long-term care is defined as any treatment lasting 30 days or longer. You can find long-term alcohol treatment in several forms:

  • Inpatient: Also known as resident treatment, this option is especially effective for patients with health complications from alcohol abuse or co-occurring disorders. It involves staying in a treatment facility 24 hours a day with intensive care at your disposal, including detoxification, administration of medication, and group and individual therapy sessions. Highly structured treatment helps patients change their understanding of and attitude toward alcohol use to achieve abstinence once the program is complete.+
  • Outpatient: Alcohol abuse can also be treated without leaving home. Specific types of therapy, skills training, educational programs and mental health care help patients overcome their need for alcohol. Many people transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment as they progress toward recovery.
  • Alternative rehab: Based on individual needs, a non-traditional approach to alcohol treatment may be best. Holistic, wilderness and faith-based treatments are great options for many patients.

Benefits of Long-Term Treatment

When you choose long-term inpatient care, you get the most intensive, personalized treatment possible in a 24-hour facility. You have the chance to break the cycle of dependence in a safe place free of distractions or temptations that could lead to a mistake and set back your recovery.

Long-term outpatient care offers exceptional therapy and recovery options with less interruption to your regular life. You can still go to work or school and return home during non-treatment hours. You remain close to friends and family who can offer support, and treatment is typically less expensive than inpatient care.

No matter which long-term treatment option you choose, expect these benefits:

  • Give yourself more time to resolve the underlying issue causing your addiction.
  • Increase the chance of long-term sobriety without relapsing to old habits.
  • Rehabilitate your body to restore physical and emotional health.

Long-Term Alcohol Treatment Centers in Arkansas

You can find alcohol treatment centers throughout Arkansas:

  • Serenity Park: Separate living quarters for women and men at this Little Rock center make long-term inpatient treatment less distracting. Programs lasting from 30 to 45 days are followed by a 12-week follow-up program to ensure long-lasting recovery.
  • Ozark Guidance: This Bentonville center specializes in treating underlying causes that co-occur with alcoholism. A variety of long-term outpatient services provide assistance for patients of all ages.
  • Counseling Associates: Located in Clarksville, this center offers court-mandated DUI counseling and long-term outpatient services. Flexible counseling sessions cater to your schedule.

If you’re ready to enter treatment and get your life back on track, please contact usAlcoholTreatment.net can help addicted individuals find the right rehab program for them. If you’re ready to enter treatment and get your life back on track, please contact us at AlcoholTreatment.net to learn more.

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