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The desert climate of our sixth-largest state, Arizona, is know for its extremes of temperature, from frigid winters nights in the higher elevations to deadly, arid summer heat at the lower elevations. but living in a world of dangerous extremes is nothing new for someone struggling with an intense, longstanding addiction to alcohol. If you are tired of living on the edge in this manner, it’s time to resort to some extremes of your own choosing — in the form of long-term alcohol rehab — to rebuild your life and regain your happiness.

Why Choose Long-term Alcohol Treatment?

While short-term rehab can be highly effective for individuals who have only recently developed a problem with alcohol, a deeply ingrained or severe habit inevitably requires more time and focus on the patient’s part than a brief program can provide. It may have taken you years to move from recreational drinking patterns through various levels of dependence before finally reaching the point that you must have alcohol in order to function. If drinking has become a set part of your life, then you need time to to make full-blown life changes — and you need to spend that time in an environment fully dedicated to supporting those changes. Long-term treatment is a particularly wise choice if short-term rehab has already failed you in the past.

A Variety of Long-term Treatment Options

The phrase “long-term” can vary somewhat when it comes to alcohol and drug rehab programs, ranging from 60 days all the up to 180 days in length, and many facilities will prescribe a specific length of stay based on your history and symptoms. The regimented therapy, meal, sleep and recreation schedule is designed to help you focus on one thing and one thing only: your recovery. Medication to help curb cravings/withdrawal and 24-hour medical attention are typical features of long-term alcohol treatment. Some facilities also provide treatment programs geared toward specific groups, from men-only and women-only programs to faith-based counseling that integrates your spirituality into your recovery. some programs may even shake up your surroundings in the form of wilderness rehab and/or equine rehab programs.

Arizona and Alcohol

If you feel ashamed or guilty about your drinking, rest assured that you’re hardly the only one in Arizona fighting this battle. Admissions for alcohol addiction in the state remain in the category of 307 per 1,000 or less (the U.S. state average is 272 per 100,000) — but 9.1 percent of all rehab admissions were for long-term treatment. 1.242 million Arizonans reported binge drinking within the past month — a dangerous behavior that could eventually lead to addiction.

Long-term Rehab Centers in Arizona

14 of the Arizona cities that provide drug and alcohol treatment also offer long-term alcohol treatment options. Phoenix has no fewer than 10 of them; of these, a good example is Calvary Center, which offers 60, 90, and 120-day programs along with critical aftercare such as sober living and extended-stay care. Community Bridges Inc Center of Hope in Mesa offers 3-month or 6-month stays in a “non-12 step” environment for individuals seeking alternatives to that means of recovery. Tuscon’s La Frontera Center Casa de Vita features long-term programs of up to 6 months, providing multiple forms of individual, family and group therapy to support recovery. If you want a women-focused program, look for further than Renaissance House Women’s Transition Project Inc in Bisbee, which offers both “disease-model”and “non-disease model” therapy options and a variety of program durations.

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Every journey begins with a single step, so contact AlcoholTreatment.net today to get connected with the right facility.Long-term alcohol treatment is a lengthy journey, but it’s a journey well worth taking if you truly want to be free of your substance abuse problem once and for all. Every journey begins with a single step, so contact AlcoholTreatment.net today to get connected with the right facility and put yourself back on the road to health.

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