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Kentucky Alcohol Recovery CentersDrunk Driving: Kentucky’s Plight

Kentucky, like all states, has dedicated significant amounts of public resources to controlling the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Success has been mixed. Despite reducing the total number of drunk driving related fatalities, the number remains high. In 2012 alone there were 168 alcohol-related driving fatalities statewide.

The numbers become more alarming the further you dig into them. Of those fatalities, 73.2% involved a drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of greater than .15, nearly twice the legal limit. This suggests that there is a segment of Kentucky’s population that has a serious problem with alcohol but lacks the tools to get help.

Underage drinking is also an issue statewide. Some estimates suggest that underage drinking costs residents of the state $700 million every year, or $1,698 for every youth in the state. Homicide, suicide, traffic accidents, and a lifelong struggle with alcohol are all possible consequence of underage drinking, and in Kentucky the cumulative costs have been significant.

If you are struggling to get sober, you face an uphill challenge. However, with the right support network, and the assistance of qualified professionals, you can return to the life you enjoyed before alcohol became an issue. There is never a bad time to seek out treatment, and never a good time not to.

Help is Available in All Corners of the Bluegrass State

Overcoming addiction to alcohol is possible, but it requires tools. Different treatment facilities offer different recovery philosophies, treatment options, and patient expectations. Consider all your options before committing to a facility.

Patients can find short and long-term treatment options at Quest House in Bowling Green, KY. Their philosophy is that addiction is a chronic and incurable medical condition that requires lifetime management. Separate programs are available for professionals, women, and families based upon the unique needs of the patient population.

In the Louisville area, help for alcohol addiction is available at The Morton Center. Its professional staff focuses on the effect that addiction has on entire families, not single patients. This approach has been scientifically shown to reduce the probability of relapse by reconnecting the patient with a caring support network. Since 1984, The Morton Center has provided outpatient treatment services to more than 20,000 addicts, with a particular emphasis on adolescents.

Consult our resources, and contact us for free guidance in finding the right facility for you.Communicare in Elizabethtown, Kentucky provides substance abuse treatment to patients struggling from issues with alcohol, drugs, and mental illness. Its facility offers both outpatient and transitional living services to serve patients with varying needs. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Help is available if you seek it out. Consult our resources, and contact us for free guidance in finding the right facility for you.

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