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Wisconsin Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersWisconsin is proud of its wildlife, beautiful parks, and nature. Its hard-working people enjoy kayaking, hunting, and hiking. While Wisconsin offers its citizens countless recreational activities, alcohol addiction is a very serious concern affecting its people more and more each year. Wisconsin’s alcohol addiction recovery programs strive to offer the most comprehensive support and services to help its individuals and families overcome their addictions across the state.

In 2012, over 14,000 people reported experiencing serious alcohol abuse issues in the state of Wisconsin. Of those, 73 percent were male and 27 percent female. Because people experience many levels of alcohol abuse, a variety of state-wide recovery options are in place. A residential inpatient program may be the most optimal choice to overcome addiction to avoid common temptation from the outside world for some addicts. For others, an outpatient center to regularly seek personalized individual and group care for their addiction is best. People of all ages experience serious alcohol-related concerns to both physical and mental aspects of alcohol addiction in Wisconsin.

Inpatient and outpatient programs that reflect everyday life and addiction recovery treatment programs and principles are the essentials to long -term recovery. Wisconsin’s treatment programs strive to incorporate group counseling sessions, recreational activities, shared responsibilities among residents in inpatient programs, discussions and education centered around a relapse prevention lifestyle, and faith-based programs as well.

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Epic Adolescent Program

The mental and physical effects of alcohol addiction are unique for children. Situated in Appleton, Epic Adolescent Program is a residential treatment program specializing in adolescent needs related to alcohol addiction. They offer family counseling, group counseling, and individual counseling.

Aurora Healthcare System

Located in the heart of Milwaukee, Aurora Healthcare System is a holistic, evidence-based recovery program. With a full understanding that addiction happens at varying degrees, they strive to offer an individualized approach. Their unique approach involves cognitive behavior therapy as well as family counseling.

Hope Haven Catholic Charities

Hope Haven in Madison is a Catholic Charities facility committed to helping patients return to their lives and families free from alcohol addiction. The residential treatment program is based on the 12-steps principles, a faith-based program. This 12-step program offers counseling for both patients and their support groups. Not only does Hope Haven help patients fully reach recovery, they are also dedicated to helping former addicts return to employment once they have completed their program.

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Contact Alcoholtreament.net today to find a treatment program that gets you back on your feet now.The effects of alcohol reach beyond the person facing the addiction and move into families, the workplace, the church and the greater community overall. If you have a loved one experiencing an addiction, the state of Wisconsin is committed to supporting all of its people toward recovery. Contact Alcoholtreament.net today to find a treatment program that gets you back on your feet now.

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