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West Virginia Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol Addiction Affects A Wide Variety Of People In West Virginia Today

West Virginia’s nickname is the Mountain State and its motto is “Mountaineers Are Always Free.” Its hard-working people include famous athlete Mary Lou Retton and old time actor, Don Knotts. While West Virginia is proud of its cultural heritage, alcohol addiction is a very serious concern affecting its people more and more each year. West Virginia’s alcohol addiction recovery programs aim to provide the most dynamic support and services to help its individuals and families overcome their addictions across the state.

In 2009, over 6000 people were admitted to alcohol abuse programs in the state of West Virginia. Of those, 66 percent were male and 32 percent female. Even more disconcerting is the amount of adolescent abusers here. This not only presents a problem for early abuse, but increases risk of fatality by drunk driving and alcohol-related accidents. Because people experience their own unique lifestyle issues related to alcohol abuse, many state-wide recovery options exist. For some, a residential inpatient program may be the most ideal choice to overcome addiction and avoid common temptation from the outside world. For others, their personal situation allows for them to visit an outpatient center regularly to seek personalized individual and group care for their addiction. West Virginians of all ages experience serious alcohol related concerns and addiction is both physical and mental. West Virginia’s many rehabilitation programs are understanding of the needs of young children, adolescents and senior adults who may be seeking direct and family support.

Inpatient and outpatient programs that balance between everyday life and addiction recovery treatment programs and principles are the backbones to recovery. West Virginia’s programs aim at incorporating group counseling sessions, recreational activities, shared responsibilities among residents in inpatient programs, discussions centered around a relapse preventive lifestyle and faith based applications where personally appropriate.

You Can Get Back To An Alcohol Free Life At One Of West Virginia’s Alcohol Treatment Centers

Med-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home

Med-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home in Parkersburg offers a unique transitional living facility. Because many people are not ready to fully assimilate into daily society after a residential program, this facility meets those needs. The center offers sober living for those in need of “the next step down” from residential treatment before re-entering society, or are already recovering addicts who feel the need to recharge to stay sober. Upon leaving this setting, many former addicts feel confident returning to their daily lives or may re-enter if they feel the temptation from outside, day to day living.

Charleston Treatment Center

Many people prefer to enter into a residential setting to avoid the temptation of daily life. The Charleston Treatment Center in Charleston offers a treatment program for those who consider a completely sober environment their most ideal environment. At this facility residents take advantage of both individual and group therapy as well as family counseling to help patients and families cope with issues related to alcohol abuse and issues contributing to the addiction.

Valley Health Care System

Valley Health Care System in Morgantown offers residential as well as outpatient treatment for the many adolescents affected by alcohol addiction directly or related to the adults in their lives. Treatment is also available for adults. Care at this facility includes services for children of alcoholics as well as adolescents with alcohol addiction. Valley Health Care System is sensitive to the needs of youth and offer experiential treatment, such as hiking, camping, and outdoor team-building activities.

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