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Virginia Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersVirginia is home to Jamestown, America’s first settlement and many of our country’s presidents–George Washington, James Madison, Zachary Taylor, James Monroe, William Harrison, and John Tyler. While Virginia is proud of its roots, alcohol addiction is still a serious concern affecting its people more each year. Virginia’s alcohol addiction recovery programs strive to offer the most comprehensive support and services to meet the needs of its individuals and families across the state.

Over 5,000 people admitted to alcohol abuse as a serious health concern in the state of Virginia in the past several years. Of those, 72 percent were male and 28 percent female. Everyone experiences their own unique circumstances related to alcohol addiction recovery needs. Because of this, a vast variety of inpatient and outpatient centers exist to meet these special needs to optimize recovery and relapse prevention. Most programs offer 30 to 60 to 90 day residential programs. Virginians of all ages experience serious concerns related to alcohol addiction, both physical and mental. Virginia’s various rehabilitation programs are sensitive to the needs of young children, adolescents, and senior adults who may be seeking support.

Inpatient and outpatient programs that provide balance between life and addiction are the cornerstones to recovery. Virginia’s programs excel at incorporating group counseling sessions, recreational activities, shared responsibilities among residents, discussions centered around a healthy preventive lifestyle, and faith-based applications when preferred. The state’s programs strive to offer residential programs that help patients avoid temptation from alcohol in day-to-day life.

Starting An Alcohol Free Life At One Of Virginia’s Alcohol Treatment Centers

Recovery For Life

Recovery for Life in Virginia Beach is centered around recovery in a small group setting to help people move past their addictions. This faith-based program includes weekly meetings and offers support to a wide variety of people including those who have been involved in DUI incidents and may realize they are struggling with addiction. Recovery For Life also specializes in helping men and women released from prison to overcome addiction while avoiding relapse from the stress of re-entering society.

Birchwood Mall Associates

Also in Virginia Beach, Birchwood Mall Associates offers a residential treatment center. This residential program emphasizes the family dynamic. By offering group and individual therapy as well as the family program, Birchwood Mall Associates strives to help families become educated and empowered to help the patient’s family develop a strong relationship of living with a recovering addict. They also emphasize relapse prevention.

The Farley Center

Located at Williamsburg Place, The Farley Center offers inpatient and outpatient services to support all levels of alcohol addiction recovery. From individual and family programs, this center recognizes that people heal and recover at their own pace and also offers extended programs for persons that may find it necessary to stay in their residential or outpatient program beyond the originally determined length of time. The Farley Center also offers assistance to military families who may be experiencing issues with alcohol addition.

Bethany Hall Treatment Facility

Bethany Hall in Roanoke specializes in offering a residential program support to meet the unique needs of women. This environment helps women feel safe, strong and confident Take an active step into an alcohol recovery program by contacting today.throughout the recovery and the process of re-assimilating back into society. At Bethany Hall, they also emphasize supporting their patients to help prevent alcohol addiction relapse from occurring.

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Please know that the effects of alcohol addiction go beyond individuals into families, the workplace, recreational groups and the greater community at large. Virginia strives to offer support for all of its people. Ready to find a program that’s right for you? Take an active step into an alcohol recovery program by contacting today.

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