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Vermont Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersIn 2013, Vermont had a total of 2,011 admissions for alcohol treatment across the whole state. Of these, 64.9 percent were men and 35.1 percent were women. The largest age group for admissions was the 51-55 age range, with 14.2 percent of overall admissions. However, there were admissions ranging from as young as age 12 to over 66 years of age. White people made up 95.4 percent of admissions, while the rest were made up of other races. Getting treatment for alcohol addiction, be it in an inpatient facility, an outpatient program, a 12-step group, or some other means, is a proactive step in ending the addict’s dependence and getting healthy again. It is not an easy road to recovery from such an addiction, but it can be done. There are trained professionals available in a variety of locations to help and support addicts, and to give them the medical and psychological attention they need to get through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. People who get some kind of professional treatment are far more likely to stay well than those who go it alone.

What to Expect at an Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Facility

When someone with an alcohol addiction seeking recovery checks into alcohol rehab, they will find that there are no locks on the doors. Anyone who checks in is always free to leave at any time, even if they have been court-ordered to attend. Rehab centers will only work with alcoholics if they are willing to be treated. The first step in most treatment programs will be a medically-monitored detoxification program that can take 5 to 7 days to complete. This process will probably be the hardest part of treatment for most patients. After detox is completed, education will begin. Education aims to teach addicts why they turned to alcohol for comfort and why they should commit to being clean and sober from then on. They will also receive counseling to teach them the skills they will need to remain sober out in the world and group therapy to hear the stories of other patients. Those stories are often very helpful in an addict’s own recovery and can help them gain a new understanding of their own addiction. Discharge occurs after an inpatient stay that us usually no less than 30 days, though patients may stay upwards of 120 days in most facilities. Upon departing, patients are provided with resources for continuing supportive care on the outside, such as counselors, outpatient treatment facilities, and 12-step programs in their area that will help them stay sober.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Facilities in Vermont

There are several well rated inpatient alcohol treatment facilities in Vermont. Here are just a few of them: Maple Leaf Farm Maple Leaf Farm is one of the oldest inpatient alcohol treatment facilities in the country. It offers medically-managed detox and high-intensity treatment in the very serene surroundings of the Green Mountains. Family members over the age of 14 are encouraged to take an active part in the process of recovery for each patient and to attend the separate Family Program, where family members receive group counseling for issues they have had to face. The facility also offers an aftercare program for patients after they are discharged, and also maintains a large referral list for outpatient treatment programs in a patient’s local area. Valley Vista Valley Vista is an 80-bed inpatient treatment facility for alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health treatment for men and women of all ages. Its program relies heavily on peer-to-peer support among the patients, as well as the use of individual recovery coaches. Detox is provided on-site, and the transition into recovery treatment is seamless. Recovery treatment is integrative, involving both traditional and non-traditional methods, such as art therapy, yoga, meditation, pet therapy, and therapeutic recreation. Family involvement in a patient’s recovery is also encouraged. Brattleboro Retreat Brattleboro Retreat offers alcohol, substance abuse, and mental health treatment to patients ages 18 and up. Adolescents are also accepted to a special, separate teen program. Licensed professionals work with each patient to come up with a customized treatment plan based on individual needs. Detox assistance is provided, if necessary, family involvement is encouraged, and stabilization of the patient is the goal. Once the patient is stabilized, Brattleboro Retreat offers a wide range of outpatient programs for ongoing recovery, and it is here that the facility truly excells.

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Coming clean off of an alcohol addiction isn’t easy, but it can be done. Millions of others have done it, and the addict in your life can do it, too. If you know someone who is ready to get well for good, contact to help you find the perfect treatment program for your loved one’s unique, individual needs.

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