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Utah Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersIn 2013, there were 2,959 admissions across the state to treatment centers for alcohol abuse. Of these admissions, 79.6 percent were men, and 20.4 percent were women. The largest age group admitted was in the 46 to 50 year-old-range, with 16.4 percent of admissions falling in this age range. However, admitted patients ranged in age from as young as 12-years-old to over 66 years of age. White people accounted for 76.2 percent of admissions, with the rest being distributed among a range of different races and ethnicities. These are just the addicts who sought help. There are likely many more alcoholics in Utah who have not yet sought treatment.

What is Inpatient Alcohol Abuse Treatment Like?

Most inpatient rehab facilities start with a detoxification program where an addict is assisted in ridding their body of alcohol. This can take anywhere from 5 to 7 days, on average. Other facilities want someone detoxed before they come in, and in many cases, this may mean detoxing in a hospital, where medical staff are available to help the person through the worst of the symptoms. Once detoxification is completed, education will begin. Education involves counseling in both private and group settings. The counseling will help addicts discover why they allowed themselves to fall into addiction in the first place, figure out how they can stay out of it in the future, and talk to other addicts so they can learn from their stories and give advice to each other.

Some modern facilities offer a variety of holistic therapies to help patients get to a peaceful place in their minds where they don’t need alcohol anymore. These therapies can include activities such as art, writing, yoga, meditation, pet therapy, discussions of spirituality, therapeutic recreation, and more. Family members are usually encouraged to participate in rehabilitation treatment. They may be invited to counseling sessions, where they can tell their addicted loved one how the addiction has affected them, and where the addict can tell them the reasons they turned to alcohol. Family members can also often come to family-only counseling sessions, where they will be given the tools they need to help their loved one stay sober once they’re back in the outside world. Once inpatient treatment is done (usually in about 30 days), a patient being discharged will be given resources for getting additional help in the community to keep them on the right track. These resources can range from outpatient programs at the rehab facility or other locations, to counselors, to 12-step meeting groups.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers in Utah

Turning Point Center The Turning Point Center focuses on non-12-step programs toward wellness. This is because they believe everyone has a different spiritual path that the traditional 12-step program might not fit in with very well. Instead, professionals at the center focus on cognitive behavioral therapy as the way to wellness and freedom from addiction. Groups of inpatients are kept small so that everyone can get individual attention. There are 24 beds, with 4 of them being in private rooms. Each patient gets two to three one-on-one sessions with a counselor, one one-on-one session with the medical director each week, and 120 hours of group therapy during their stay.

Cirque Lodge Located in a beautiful mountainous area that provides the peace and tranquility that makes healing easier, the Cirque Lodge is known for having hosted celebrity inpatients on their road to recover. However, Cirque Lodge isn’t just for celebrities; it is for everyone. Its healing program is one of the most well-respected (and well-covered by the media) in Utah. Treatment there is very confidential, involves a strict 12-step program, and utilizes experiential treatment (which involves plenty of outdoor activities and horse therapy). Cognitive behavioral therapy is also used, and families are encouraged to become involved in every part of the process of helping to get their loved one well. Patients can expect personalized service, medical care available at all times, and a strong “alumni” program that provides aftercare and peer-to-peer support.

Renaissance Ranch Renaissance Ranch offers gender-specific recovery programs, with separate facilities for men and women. This is because men and women often have different needs when it comes to alcohol abuse recovery. The facility follows LDS practices and the 12-step model of recovery, focusing on a spiritual approach to healing. Though the program’s methods are based on LDS philosophy, all religious backgrounds are welcome and respected. Family is also encouraged to participate in their loved one’s recovery, and there are special programs for families to attend with their inpatient loved one, as well as separately.

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Alcohol addiction can be overcome. Whether someone needs an inpatient stay to get over their addiction, or can get well through outpatient programs, there is an ideal way to recovery for everyone. To find the best treatment facility for your own or your loved one’s individual needs, contact AlcoholTreatment.net.

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