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Tennessee Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersTennessee is known as the “Volunteer State.” It is home of the famous Beale Street where blues music was created and where icons Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash hail from. Today Tennessee is known for tourism, its famed musical roots, and abundant agriculture. While Tennessee boasts something for everyone, alcohol addiction is still a serious issue plaguing more and more people each year. The state’s alcohol addiction recovery programs endeavor to offer the widest variety of support and services to meet the needs of its individuals and families throughout.

It was estimated in 2013 that over 4,000 people admitted to alcohol abuse in the state of Tennessee. Of those, 75 percent were male and 25 percent female. For loved ones who are in need of professional assistance with an alcohol abuse issue, inpatient centers in Tennessee offer the essential level of care that can lead to long-term recovery. Because everyone’s circumstances are unique, there are many types of inpatient treatment options. These range from 30 to 60 to 90 day residential programs. People of all ages can experience serious health concerns related to alcohol. Tennessee’s various rehabilitation programs are sensitive to the needs of both adolescents and senior adults who may be looking for support.

An inpatient alcohol recovery program that provides balance between everyday life and treatment is essential to achieving full recovery. This style of treatment program helps residents avoid the temptation from the outside world while instilling a sense of routine. Tennessee’s programs strive to incorporate group counseling sessions, recreational activities, shared responsibilities among residents and discussions centered around a healthy, preventive lifestyle.

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New Life Lodge

New Life Lodge, located in Burns, offers alcohol addiction recovery programs based on the 12-step program as well as medical detox, 28-day inpatient rehabilitation, a partial day program and relapse prevention. The traditional 12-step program includes medical evaluation, individualized treatment under the supervision of a healthcare professional for the alcohol addiction, both social and psychological support from counselors and both individual and group therapy. New Life Lodge also offers gender specific programs upon request.

Serenity Recovery Center

Located in the center of midtown Memphis is Serenity Recovery Center. Situated on an expansive three acre campus, both inpatient and outpatient services are available as well as one on one counseling, group therapy, recreational therapy and family therapy. At Serenity, patients are treated with evidence-based holistic methods to encompass whole person wellness. To complement this approach, the center emphasizes education as part of the therapeutic process to help patients and their families gain perspective toward full recovery. Serenity understands that relapse and co-occuring disorders may present. They offer services specific to these personal issues.

Cumberland Heights

Cumberland Heights is conveniently located on the west side of Nashville along the Cumberland River. This center offers both inpatient and outpatient services focusing on programs for both individuals and families. Cumberland Heights offers all levels of care highlighting the traditional 12-step rehabilitation process. This facility understands the unique concerns that women, children and men face and why they offer gender specific programs as well.

Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center

Located in Franklin, Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center is a faith-based treatment facility focusing on the needs of the individual. Because of the potential psychological burden that addiction disease can play, this center’s alcohol rehab programs focus on both physical and mental recovery by utilizing the power of prayer and spirituality.

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Take action to join an alcohol addiction recovery program by contacting Alcoholtreament.net today to help discover a whole new you.Remember, the effects of alcohol addiction often reach beyond the patient and into families, the workplace, recreational groups and the greater community. Are you ready to find a program that’s right for you? Take action to join an alcohol addiction recovery program by contacting Alcoholtreament.net today to help discover a whole new you.

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