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Ohio Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersEvery year, approximately 85,000 people die because of alcoholism or alcohol-related causes, representing the 3rd highest preventable cause of death in the United States. In response to these sobering statistics, states have made it a top priority to increase awareness about alcohol abuse and to improve access to treatment resources. With only 15 percent of people with an alcohol use disorder ever receiving treatment, it is essential to learn more about treatment options and to help individuals find treatment facilities that work best for them.

Ohio Alcohol Use Statistics

Men and women of all ages are at risk of developing an alcohol use disorder. In Ohio, 18 percent of adults reported that they binge drink, representing a significant proportion of the state population. As binge drinking is associated with increased risk of alcohol addiction, this is a serious health concern. Furthermore, adolescents are more likely to binge drink than older adults. Among Ohio teens, 25 percent of boys and 22 percent of girls said they have had five drinks in a row within a couple of hours. This high rate of binge drinking contributes to the rate of alcohol-related car crashes. In 2012, 385 people died in drunk driving accidents, with 10 percent of those caused by individuals under the legal drinking age.

Despite this high prevalence of drinking problems, relatively few people seek professional treatment for alcohol abuse. Approximately 20,000 people began treatment for alcohol use problems in 2012. Thousands more are currently struggling with alcohol problems but unable or unwilling to get the help they need.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs

Treatment for alcohol problems takes many forms. Some people choose to attend outpatient treatment, in which they visit a treatment center to have individual or group therapy sessions. Others prefer a more intensive approach that allows them to focus on their individual recovery process. For these people, inpatient alcohol treatment programs make the most sense.

An inpatient program for alcohol abuse or addiction requires that you live in a supervised facility for multiple days or weeks. Although this pulls you away from your everyday routine, the benefit is that it allows you to spend all of your time and energy on your recovery. Activities may include counseling sessions, medical supervision to help with health problems, learning new skills to engage more effectively with others, or group activities to receive social support from people going through similar circumstances. By living at the treatment facility, you have 24/7 access to helping professionals who can treat your unique needs.

Ohio Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers

The Woods at Parkside Hospital, Gahanna

The Woods at Parkside Hospital is dedicated to identifying the root causes of alcohol abuse. Experts at the facility believe that by determining the factors that cause and perpetuate alcohol problems, they can increase the likelihood of treatment success. As a result, the facility focuses on treating alcohol use as well as co-occurring mental health problems such as depression or anxiety.

Maryhaven, Columbus

Women face unique needs when struggling with alcohol problems. In many cases, they are mothers or caregivers for other family members. As a result, women often feel reluctant to seek professional inpatient care because they must leave their families during treatment. To combat this problem, Maryhaven offers residential beds for patients’ children. This allows women to seek the best available care without worry about how their family will cope in their absence. The facility also offers special resources for women with HIV/AIDS, who face unique challenges regarding their medical and social situation.

Glenbeigh, Rock Creek

At Glenbeigh, offers treatment services that guide a patient from the detoxification process through the ongoing recovery journey. The facility emphasizes a holistic approach that treats a person’s medical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs to result in a healthy, life-affirming recovery.

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