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New Mexico Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol is one of the most prevalent drug addictions not only in New Mexico, but also throughout the entire country. Of all adults 18 years and older in the United States, about 51 percent consider themselves to be “regular drinkers.” This means that the person has indulged in 12 or more drinks in the last year. Many of those self-appointed “regular” drinkers may also be addicted to alcohol, and may not realize that they need the help of professionals at a treatment center in order to become sober and recover from their addiction. Inpatient alcohol treatment recovery centers allow patients to make their recovery their top priority. These facilities often are recommended for patients who have been addicted to alcohol for many years, or patients who have a severe addiction to alcohol. These programs also may be beneficial for those who have tried to recover unsuccessfully in the past.

New Mexico Alcohol Addiction Facts

Alcohol is by and large the most abused drug in the state. Of the 6,600 people who sought treatment for substance abuse in 2012, more than 2,500 people reported that they were addicted only to alcohol while an additional 842 claimed that they were addicted to alcohol and another, secondary drug. Between the two, alcohol addiction comprised of 51.9 percent of all patients who were seeking treatment at substance abuse recovery centers in the state. In addition, the majority of patients who were looking for treatment for their alcohol addiction were men. Of the patients who reported an addiction solely to alcohol, 73.9 percent were men while 26 percent were women. Of those who reported an addiction to alcohol and another drug, 72.9 percent were men and 27 percent were women.

Benefits of Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Inpatient alcohol treatment recovery centers are designed to provide patients with a safe place to overcome their addiction and begin to understand why they became dependent on alcohol in the first place. These facilities not only provide medical care to patients who are going through the withdrawal process, but they also offer counseling opportunities in order to help patients understand the root cause of their addiction. It is important for patients to understand that various factors play a role in their dependency on alcohol, and inpatient care facilities have created treatment programs that address all of these unique and individual factors.

Patients who enter a residential treatment center will find that they complete their recovery program while staying with a roommate. A roommate provides the patient with not only companionship but also accountability. There is a strict schedule in place that all patients must adhere to, and this schedule helps them establish a sober routine that does not involve the need for alcohol. Private therapy, group therapy, medical appointments and recreational activities are offered throughout the day. Most patients will stay at an inpatient alcohol recovery treatment center for a certain period of time, typically ranging from 30, 60, 90, or 120 days.

New Mexico Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Bernalillo County Metropolitan Assessment and Treatment is an inpatient facility based out of Albuquerque. It specializes in short-term residential programs for women, including pregnant and postpartum women. It also offers treatment for Spanish speakers. Crossroads Maya Place also is located in Albuquerque. This facility provides long-term inpatient care for women. Holistic treatment options are available, as are aftercare services. Family and Youth Inc Stepping Stones Program is based out of Las Cruces, and provides both short- and long-term residential care, specifically for teenage patients. It offers alternative treatment options as well as treatment programs for Spanish speakers.

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