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Minnesota Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol is one of the most widely used substances in the United States, with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reporting that more than 70 percent of adults drank within the past year. Although it is possible to drink alcohol responsibly, many individuals find themselves losing control of their drinking and needing to seek treatment.

Minnesota Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Statistics

Alcohol use remains a prevalent part of society in Minnesota, with 61 percent of residents reporting that they currently drink. Of especial concern is the relatively high rate of binge drinking, particularly among adolescents and young adults. Approximately 27.9 percent of Minnesotans binge drink, compared to 22.8 percent in the United States as a whole. Binge drinking can be a sign of difficulty controlling alcohol use, a symptom of alcoholism. More than 25,000 Minnesota residents sought professional treatment for alcohol use (or use of alcohol plus other drugs) in 2012. In a state with nearly 5.4 million residents, this suggests that tens of thousands of Minnesotans struggle with alcohol use but have not yet sought treatment.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers

Inpatient treatment refers to a situation in which the patient stays at a medical treatment facility 24/7 and is supervised by a team of experts. In some cases, this includes stabilization and medically supervised detoxification before transferring to an outpatient treatment program. In other cases, patients may begin a longer term stay in a residential facility for several weeks or more.

Inpatient treatment for alcohol addiction remains one of the best ways to facilitate a strong recovery. One of the benefits of inpatient treatment is access to medical care during the withdrawal process. Withdrawing from alcohol dependency can be very unpleasant, with symptoms ranging from shakiness, mild anxiety, and headache to  nausea and fever. In an inpatient facility, physicians may provide medications that ease the withdrawal process and reduce these side effects.

Another benefit of inpatient treatment for alcohol addiction is access to a team of medical experts with years of experience treating patients with similar life circumstances. Often, a treatment team includes physicians, nurses, psychologists, counselors, and a case manager. Experts in wellness, fitness, and spiritual guidance are also available to facilitate the recovery process.

Minnesota Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Harbor Light Center, Minneapolis

Run by the Salvation Army, the Harbor Light Center serves men coping with alcohol addiction. The facility focuses on men who may not have strong family support, offering holistic treatment services based on the 12-step model of recovery. Following three weeks of inpatient treatment care, patients may transfer into an aftercare facility to promote relapse prevention. The facility has helped hundreds of men transition into stronger life circumstances after struggling with addiction.

Fairview Recovery Services, Minneapolis

In partnership with the University of Minnesota, Fairview Recovery Services offers state-of-the-art treatment options to facilitate recovery from addiction. The center’s inpatient program emphasizes medical stabilization and detoxification before transitioning to residential treatment care. Furthermore, Fairview Recovery Services provides special expertise in helping families cope with changes as their loved one enters treatment for addiction.

Hazelden, Plymouth

Hazelden is well recognized within the alcohol treatment world for its high-quality services and commitment to patient care. Uniquely, the Hazelden facility in Plymouth is focused on helping adolescents and young adults struggling with alcohol addiction. In addition to counseling and rehabilitation services for adolescents, Hazelden offers programming for parents and families as well. This helps the entire family learn new strategies to support the person struggling with addiction and to heal during the recovery process.

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Contact AlcoholTreatment.net today for more information about the best Minnesota inpatient alcohol treatment centers.Inpatient treatment for alcohol use disorders is a highly efficacious method of treating addiction. However, options vary from program to program, and it is important to find a program that fits a person’s unique needs. Contact AlcoholTreatment.net today for more information about the best Minnesota inpatient alcohol treatment centers.

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