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Massachusetts Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol addiction is more than just a condition that a person acquires when they drink too much too often. Alcohol addiction, or alcoholism, is actually a disease that many people cannot be cured from unless they get the treatment they need from a qualified specialist. According to data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Recovery Month website, in 2011, there were 19.3 million people over the age of 12 that required treatment for alcohol or drug addiction but did not receive it. This number may be surprising to some who know that alcohol addiction treatment services have proven themselves to be effective at helping people get through withdrawal, recover from their addiction, and avoid relapse in the years to come. Many people who are addicted to alcohol need the help of an inpatient alcohol treatment recovery center in order to truly conquer their disease.

Facts About Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, alcohol addiction is prevalent in society. In 2013, nearly 89,000 people in the state sought treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol. About 21,000 people, or 23.7 percent, entered treatment facilities in order to recover from an addiction solely to alcohol. An additional 8,300 people, or 9.4 percent, entered a substance abuse treatment center because they were addicted to alcohol and another drug. However, while alcohol addicts comprised about 33 percent of all patients seeking addiction treatment in the state, it was not the most commonly abused drug. Heroin topped the list in Massachusetts, with about 52 percent of all patients seeking treatment looking to overcome an addiction to this powerful drug.

The Benefits of an Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center

Inpatient alcohol treatment recovery centers provide patients with the opportunity to become residents at a particular facility and devote all of their time, effort and energy to the recovery process. It is one of the most successful treatment programs, largely because the patients who enter these facilities recognize that they need to take an important and seemingly drastic step in order to become permanently sober. While staying at an inpatient alcohol treatment recovery center, patients will benefit from the care and support of medical professionals and therapists who specialize in addiction recovery.

When patients first enter an inpatient treatment facility, they will be battling the withdrawal process. This is a difficult and painful experience, and patients can rely on the help from medical professionals who are on-hand at all times in order to help them cope with their physical and emotional symptoms.

After the detoxification process is complete, patients can continue with their inpatient treatment program. This usually involves working with therapists and counselors in order to determine the root cause of the addiction and also formulate a plan for living a sober life in the years to come. Patients will also participate in private and group therapy sessions. Inpatient treatment programs provide patients with a rigorous schedule that helps them stay committed to their recovery.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers in Massachusetts

Many of the inpatient alcohol treatment recovery centers in Massachusetts are located in Boston, including Boston Rescue Mission OP Counseling. This facility offers both short-term and long-term residential programs, as well as aftercare services for all graduates. Both male and female patients are welcome at this center. New England Aftercare Ministries Inc The Bridge House and Recovery Home is located in Framingham, and provides long-term inpatient care for male patients. It specializes in court-ordered addiction treatment. Lowell House Inc Residential Services is located in Lowell, and offers long-term care for men and women. It specializes in treatment for people who speak Spanish.

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