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Kansas Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcoholism is a disease that is prevalent across much of the country, with more than 17 million Americans reporting that they have an Alcohol Use Disorder, or AUD. Kansas is not immune to this epidemic, with thousands of people seeking treatment for this disease each year in the state. People who have realized that they are dependent on alcohol need to understand that working with professionals at recovery centers is the best way to cure them of their disease and to be successful in their recovery. Those who are addicted to alcohol will need the help and support not only of family and friends, but also medical professionals and counselors during their recovery. In many cases, an inpatient alcohol treatment recovery center is the right choice.

Alcohol Addiction in the State of Kansas

In 2012, 2,200 people entered recovery centers in order to treat an addiction to alcohol while another 2,700 people checked into substance abuse treatment facilities in order to conquer an addiction to alcohol and a secondary drug. This makes up about 37.2 percent of the 13,300 people who sought treatment at recovery centers for substance abuse in the state, making alcohol the most commonly abused drug in Kansas. As is the trend throughout the country, the majority of patients who sought treatment for alcohol addiction in Kansas were men. Of the patients who reported an addiction only to alcohol, 71.3 percent were men and 28.7 percent were women. Of those who were seeking treatment for alcohol as well as a secondary drug, 71.3 percent were men and 28.7 percent were women.

Choosing an Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center

An inpatient alcohol treatment recovery center is a facility that offers residential treatment programs for patients. This provides patients with the opportunity to commit themselves completely to their recovery and to place their own wellness as a top priority. Many patients, especially those with a moderate to severe addiction to alcohol, find that the best way to be successful is to devote themselves entirely to recovery without having to balance other responsibilities at the same time. Inpatient alcohol treatment programs are generally recommended for those who have been dependent on alcohol for many years, for those who have a severe addiction, or for those who have made unsuccessful attempts to recover in the past through outpatient programs and other recovery methods.

Patients can expect to have a regimented schedule during the duration of their recovery program which may last for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. Most will stay with a roommate during this time. The first part of the inpatient program involves the patient going through the withdrawal and detoxification process. As this is challenging for patients, medical professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to assist patients through this process. Once the detoxification is complete, patients will begin working with therapists and counselors to address the psychological aspect of their recovery. Patients will find that there are group therapy sessions as well as private sessions that help them understand the root cause of their addiction. Patients will also enjoy extra-curricular activities and scheduled meal times with other patients.

Kansas Recovery Centers that Offer Inpatient Treatment

Kansas patients will discover that there are a variety of centers throughout the state that offer inpatient programs. The Salvation Army Harbor Light Recovery Program is based out of Kansas City, and offers both short-term and long-term inpatient recovery treatment options. This center also offers holistic treatment programs for those who are interested. Mirror Inc Mens Program is located in Newton, and offers both short-term and long-term programs designed specifically for men. Johnson County Mental Health Center ACT Olathe provides short-term residential care for teens, and also offers alternative care options.

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