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Illinois Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersPeople who are battling an addiction to alcohol may not realize that they are not just up against a condition — but they are truly trying to cure themselves from a disease. Some people may think that after years of dependency on alcohol, they can simply stop drinking one day and be considered recovered. However, most alcoholics require the help of professionals in order to give up drinking and stay sober for the long-term. When a person decides that they want to enter a recovery program, they should evaluate their own personal addiction as well as their current situation in order to see which type of facility will provide them with the best chance of success. In some cases, an inpatient alcohol treatment recovery center is the route to go.

Alcohol Recovery in Illinois

In the state of Illinois, thousands of people enter rehab centers each year in order to overcome their addiction to alcohol. In 2012, nearly 6,300 people entered substance abuse treatment programs because they were dependent on alcohol. An additional 5,300 people checked into treatment centers citing an addiction to both alcohol and a secondary drug. Of all the patients in rehab centers throughout the state, 32.4 percent of them are battling an addiction to alcohol. This makes alcohol the most commonly abused drug throughout Illinois, followed by heroin and marijuana, respectively. Like many other states in the country, alcohol abusers are predominantly men in Illinois. Of those who considered themselves addicted to only alcohol, 68.3 percent were men and 31.7 percent were women.

Why Choose an Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center?

Patients who decide to enter an inpatient treatment program in Illinois have a specific set of needs and desires for their own recovery journey. Generally speaking, patients who enroll in inpatient programs have a moderate to severe addiction to alcohol, and feel that they need to commit themselves completely to their recovery. By entering a residential program, they can focus all of their efforts on becoming well again as the distractions of the outside world are eliminated. A person who has a mild or moderate addiction may opt to stay for a shorter period of time, such as 30 days. Another person may feel that a long-term treatment program is best for them. Long-term inpatient programs may last for 60, 90 or 120 days.

An inpatient alcohol treatment recovery center will provide patients with a variety of different care programs and services. First and foremost, all patients receive round-the-clock medical care, especially during the challenging and painful withdrawal process. In addition to being cared for by doctors and nurses, patients will also work with therapists and counselors who will give them the psychological care and emotional support that they need during this time. The goal of many inpatient recovery treatment programs is to help patients understand the root cause of their addiction to alcohol while also allowing patients to develop the right mental attitude in order to remain sober for years to come. Patients will stay with a roommate during this time, and they also will work with other professionals such as spiritual counselors, dieticians, career advisors and social coordinators.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers in Illinois

As one of the largest cities in the country, it’s no surprise that there is an abundance of treatment centers in Chicago. The Alexian Brothers Bonaventure House provides long-term residential treatment as well as residential after-care programs. The Chicago Girls Program is an inpatient alcohol treatment recovery center for adolescent women that also offers holistic treatment options. Family Guidance Centers Triangle Center is an inpatient facility located in Springfield that offers both short-term and long-term programs.

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