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Georgia Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol abuse is a major problem in Georgia. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that more than 46,000 people in Georgia were treated by inpatient addiction treatment centers in 2012. Of those, more than 20,000 sought treatment either for alcohol as a primary addiction or alcohol addiction accompanied by abuse of a secondary drug. Like most other states, men outnumbered women in alcohol addiction treatment 2 to 1.

For people with an alcohol addiction or dependency, day-to-day life can be a real challenge. Unlike other substances, which are widely regulated and often illegal, the temptation for alcohol is everywhere, making it more difficult to avoid and perhaps easier to hide. Many people have alcoholism without knowing it and its significance is unbeknownst to friends and family. When alcohol abuse turns into a dependency or an addiction, it’s time to get help.

The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment

There are many alcohol addiction treatment centers in Georgia, each of which is very different than the next. Studies published by SAMHSA have shown that inpatient facilities produce the most successful outcomes in comparison to outpatient programs that allow clients to live at home during treatment.

A person entering inpatient treatment leaves everything behind – friends, family, work, stress, and responsibilities. Instead, all time and energy are devoted to detoxification, healing, and recovery. There are no temptations to drink;  inpatients are surrounded by the support and encouragement of professionals and other people in recovery who understand the journey to sobriety.

Types of Inpatient Programs

There are many types of inpatient alcohol recovery programs. Though all have the same end goal of recovery, they vary in their modes of treatment. For example, some facilities focus on the cognitive processes behind addictive behaviors and ways of changing them. Others incorporate spirituality into treatment, allowing clients to pursue a faith-based road to recovery. From holistic and alternative therapies to relapse-prevention and transitional living programs, it is important that anyone preparing to enter an inpatient program understand the various options available at their facility.

Inpatient Alcohol Recovery Centers in Georgia

Anchor Hospital, Atlanta

Anchor Hospital is an alcohol and substance addiction detoxification and treatment center for people ages 18 and older. The hospital provides inpatient services, as well as recovery residences. Individuals undergoing detox and recovery from a chemical dependency to alcohol will have access to 24-hour nursing care, as well as psychiatrists and doctors who oversee the treatment process.

Talbott Recovery, Atlanta, Dunwoody and Columbus

With three Georgia locations, Talbott Recovery is a comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment center that uses a structured schedule and comfortable environment to encourage and support clients in their journey to sobriety. Traditional 12-step therapy is provided, as well as spiritual guidance, group therapy, relapse prevention education, and alternative therapies like music therapy. Treatment modalities also include individual therapy, psychoeducation, EMDR, meditation and niche-specific therapies focused on exclusive topics like gender issues, sexual issues, and GLBT issues.

Assisted Recovery Centers of Georgia, Savannah

Assisted Recovery Centers of Georgia is a medically-based addiction treatment center that uses medicine and science to treat addiction as a disease. Patients do not go through a 12-step program, but rather undergo neuroscience and drug therapies to break the addiction cycle. Many patients start with an inpatient medical detox followed by an outpatient-based treatment program. During this program, patients enjoy the privacy of a local hotel room where attending nurses and professionals check on clients several times a day.

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