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Florida Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcoholism is a destructive problem that harms the people who drink as well as their loved ones. Nearly everyone in the US knows someone who is affected by alcohol abuse. It can cause major health problems, relationship difficulties, and trouble at work. It can even take a life.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 61,000 people were admitted into inpatient addiction treatment centers in Florida during 2012. Of those, more than 31 percent were admitted for alcohol addiction alone or alcohol addiction with a secondary drug abuse disorder. Alcohol-only addiction treatment admissions occurred at all ages, but were most common among middle-aged men, ages 40 to 55.

Getting Treatment for Alcohol Addiction: Inpatient vs. Outpatient

Many people who abuse alcohol find that they are dependent on it and require professional help for their addiction. There are two main types of rehab-oriented treatment — inpatient and outpatient. People in an outpatient program attend group and individual therapy but continue to live at home, go to work, and attend social functions unsupervised.

Those in an inpatient facility live onsite, separating themselves from the stress and potential addiction triggers of everyday life. For many people, inpatient rehab is more effective than outpatient is most effective because it removes all opportunities for temptation. In a drug-free, alcohol-free facility, a person must choose to leave treatment in order to abuse a substance. Studies have shown time and time again that people who enroll in an inpatient program — whether short term or long term — are more likely to finish it.

What to Expect During Inpatient Rehab

Alcohol addiction treatment varies from facility to facility. The first step is usually detox, during which time inpatients are isolated from alcohol and other substances to allow their bodies time to adapt to life without dependency. Some treatment centers offer medically-assisted detox to help ease the effects of withdrawal.

The next phase of treatment is the recovery phase, which may include traditional programs like a 12-step program or alternative therapies like meditation and music therapy. Recovery programs can incorporate faith and family, as well as lifestyle and holistic living education. Inpatient treatment centers vary in the amount of time they allow clients to stay at their facilities, often providing programs that are a few weeks to a few months long.

Inpatient Alcohol Recovery Centers in Florida

Recovery Center for Men of the Palm Beaches, North Palm Beach

This men-only addiction treatment center takes a multiple-phase approach to treating alcohol addiction. Recovery begins with detox, followed by a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Doctors are on staff to provide medication-assisted relief from the symptoms of detox and withdrawal. The men at this rehab facility have access to individual and group therapy, as well as life skills and fitness classes. Therapy is evidence based and may include the use of EDMR, cognitive behavioral therapy and alternative therapies like equine-assisted therapy and light-sound therapy.

The Recovery Place, Ft. Lauderdale

The Recovery Place in Ft. Lauderdale is an inpatient alcohol addiction treatment facility includes a drug rehab center with an adjacent residential facility. Lodging at The Recovery Place is designed to feel like home, making the path to sobriety as comfortable as possible. Clients enjoy individual therapy customized to fit their needs, as well as group therapy sessions and medication management of symptoms to address the complications of withdrawal. The Recovery Place recognizes the importance of family and life skills education, integrating them into the recovery process. A Christian-based treatment program is also available for inpatients who wish to incorporate their faith into recovery.

Sunrise Detox, Palm Beach

At Sunrise Detox, clients can take the first step to recovery without sacrificing the amenities of home. Private and semi-private rooms are furnished with comfortable beds, HDTV and cable. This licensed and certified facility staffs doctors, nurses and counselors who are committed to the recovery process and relapse prevention. Sunrise Detox sets the groundwork for entry into rehab, maximizing the chances of success. Insurance and most forms of payment are accepted. The center also works with patients under financial hardship.

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