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Connecticut Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersRegardless of your age, gender, or occupation, alcoholism is a serious problem. An addiction to alcohol can be harmful to your relationships, reputation, professional life, and health. Alcoholism affects people all across the United States. In Connecticut alone, more than 24,000 people sought inpatient treatment for alcoholism during 2012, according to data published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

About Inpatient Treatment

Alcoholics can sometimes recover from their addictions by participating in support groups or outpatient treatment programs. However, when a patient’s condition is particularly serious or cannot be resolved through less intensive treatments, inpatient treatment programs are recommended.

An inpatient treatment program is an option that allows the patient to stay in a room onsite at the treatment facility. These programs vary in length, but they typically involve a combination of detoxification, counseling, psychotherapy, group interaction, family therapy, and medical care.

When the program begins, many patients still have alcohol in their systems and may experience withdrawal symptoms. During the program, patients will be taught coping skills they can use to deal with their condition after leaving the facility. When the patient leaves the facility, he or she may continue outpatient care and/or attend support groups.

Treatment Centers in Connecticut

Connecticut offers many different treatment centers to help people who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs. Some of these programs are detailed below.

Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center

Located in Hartford, CT, the Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center has been providing treatment to patients suffering from addiction for over 40 years. This facility offers outpatient treatment as well as two inpatient treatment programs with varying intensities. Patients who leave the facility often spend time in one of the halfway houses operated by the ADRC.

Natchaug Hospital

With locations and programs all across Connecticut, Natchaug Hospital operates one of the most expansive treatment operations for drug and alcohol addiction in the state. Facilities offer outpatient treatment, day and evening care, inpatient treatment and halfway houses. Patients enrolled in treatment programs may participate in group therapy, individual therapy, psychotherapy and more.

Crossroads Inc

Contact to help you better understand your addiction and your options for treatment.Patients in New Haven and the surrounding area can receive treatment for alcoholism at Crossroads, Inc. This facility offers both outpatient and residential programs to meet the needs of a variety of patients suffering from addiction. Treatment programs are gender-dependent and may include a combination of group discussion, group therapy, individual therapy and educational sessions.

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