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Colorado Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersIn Colorado, seven out of every 10 individuals who enter a substance abuse treatment center do so for alcohol abuse. Nearly half of all individuals entering a treatment center (45.2 percent) do so only for alcohol abuse; an additional 26.1 percent of individuals enter a treatment center for help addressing alcohol abuse in conjunction with a secondary drug. Colorado adults of all ages seek treatment for alcohol abuse. Individuals aged 21 to 25 are the largest age group seeking treatment for alcohol abuse (14.3 percent). Treatment is evenly distributed amongst other age demographics: 13.7 percent of individuals seeking treatment are aged 26 to 30 years; 11.9 percent are aged 31 to 35 years; 10.1 percent are aged 36 to 40; 11.4 percent are aged 41 to 45; and 12.3 percent are aged 46 to 50. The majority of individuals seeking treatment are white (85.5 percent).

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab First Step to Sobriety

If you or a loved one are considering treatment for alcohol abuse, it is important to know that inpatient treatment can make a significant difference for long-term sobriety success. Residential inpatient treatment programs last a minimum of 28 days, although some alcohol inpatient treatment centers may offer longer programs lasting 60 or 90 days. Oftentimes, individuals choosing inpatient treatment have unsuccessfully attempted to get sober through outpatient care, but found it difficult to maintain sobriety. Residential programs remove individuals from the influences of their daily environment, which is important for making a fresh start and long-term commitment to a sober life. Inpatient programs provide a stable structure and supportive therapeutic community for helping individuals begin their journey to sobriety.

Some inpatient programs begin with alcohol detox to cleanse the body of toxins. Most programs include a 12-step component, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, in addition to group therapy and/or one-on-one counseling. Some inpatient treatment centers may also offer specialized services for dedicated adolescents (teenagers), individuals with mental health disorders, gays and lesbians, and pregnant/postpartum women. Finally, in addition to a 12-step program, some inpatient alcohol treatment centers may also offer holistic treatment options, such as yoga, meditation, spiritual counseling, art therapy, and outdoor adventure therapy.

Comprehensive Inpatient Care Available at Colorado Alcohol Rehab Centers

With more than 180 substance abuse treatment centers in Colorado, Coloradans benefit from a wide variety of inpatient alcohol treatment options. The Horizons Counseling and Education Center in Lakewood offers dual diagnosis treatment for individuals with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders. The center also provides specialized treatment for men, women, Spanish speakers, adolescents, and the hearing impaired. Court-ordered addiction treatment, including court-ordered treatment for DUI/DWI offenders is available. In addition to partial inpatient hospitalization, individuals may opt for work programs and day treatment.

In Denver, women who are struggling with alcohol abuse may benefit from inpatient treatment at A Woman’s Way to Recovery. This treatment specifically provides specialized care for women, including pregnant or postpartum women, senior females, lesbians, the hearing impaired, and women who have also been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Court-ordered substance abuse treatment, including alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders, is available. Also in Denver, the Choices in Living Counseling Center provides inpatient alcohol treatment, as well as day treatment and work programs. In addition to a 12-step program, holistic alcohol rehabilitation treatment is also available, along with dual-diagnosis treatment and outpatient treatment. The treatment center provides alcohol addiction treatment for DUI/DWI offenders, persons living with HIV/AIDS, men, and women.

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If you feel that you or someone you love may need the help of a qualified inpatient alcohol treatment center in Alabama, contact us at AlcoholTreatment.netThe first step towards sobriety starts with finding the right inpatient alcohol treatment center. The team at understands that this process can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to managing all the different enrollment logistics. Our compassionate, experienced team is here to help. With the right inpatient alcohol treatment program, long-term sobriety is possible. Take the first step towards a sober life: contact today.

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