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Arkansas Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersEvery day, people in Arkansas make the choice to enter treatment for alcohol addiction or dependency. These treatment programs often include a detoxification program followed by several weeks of traditional and/or alternative therapies. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more than 12,500 people in Arkansas made the decision to seek inpatient addiction treatment in 2012 alone. Of those people, more than 4,500 entered treatment for an alcohol addiction or dependency. That represents more than 1/3 of all treatment admissions.

Why Choose Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient addiction treatment has been shown to be most effective for treating people with dependency and severe addiction. According to SAMHSA’s Treatment Episode Data Set, inpatient rehab is more effective in treating substance addiction than outpatient on average. In 2006, just 52 percent of people in an outpatient program completed treatment. The other 48 percent either dropped out, were terminated from their program or left for other reasons. In comparison, 57 percent of people in a long-term inpatient program and 74 percent of people in a short-term program completed treatment or were transferred to another facility for additional treatment.

What to Expect During Inpatient Rehab

Most residential rehab facilities have minimum length of stay requirement – usually approximately 30 days, though some long-term treatment centers have programs that last several months. Many also have programs specifically designed to target certain people groups, such as men, women and adolescents.

Anyone entering inpatient treatment will be expected to bring only the items allowed by the facility administrators. In most cases, these are items conducive to personal hygiene and basic necessities. Many facilities provide living accommodations, such as bedding and a television.

Unless you have completed a detox prior to entering treatment for alcohol addiction, the first phase of recovery will be focused on breaking the body’s dependency on harmful substances. The second phase of treatment includes intensive therapy designed to identify negative behaviors and replace them with positive, constructive behavior.

Inpatient Alcohol Recovery Centers in Arkansas

Quapaw House Inc, Hot Springs

Since 1980, Quapaw House has been providing a holistic and therapeutic approach to addiction treatment. The inpatient residential treatment program requires a minimum 2-week stay, during which time clients attend group and individual therapy sessions based on the traditional 12-step addiction recovery method. In addition, Quapaw House provides physical fitness instruction an educational classes that teach important life skills and teach clients to take control of their sobriety and their futures. All staff members are credentialed, meaning they are either licensed or certified in counseling or addiction treatment.

Arkansas CARES (Methodist Family Health), Little Rock

Arkansas CARES is an addiction treatment facility designed specifically for mothers who with substance abuse disorders. This program is available to women with children under age 12 who want to achieve and maintain sobriety, as well as a positive family outcome. Many of the women at Arkansas CARES arrive without jobs and with legal troubles or health problems. Under the program, mothers can stay with their children as they complete treatment.

OMART, Gassville

OMART is a short-term and long-term residential rehab and detox center in Gassville, Arkansas. This center offers recovery programs for people who have a dependency on alcohol, as well as other specific needs, such as language barriers and impaired hearing. As patients transition out of the inpatient program, they may continue the path toward sobriety with OMART’s outpatient program. Most forms of payment are accepted, including self-payment and private health insurance.

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