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Alabama Inpatient Alcohol Recovery CentersMany people understand that alcoholism is a condition in which a person is addicted to alcohol, but not everyone has come to accept the fact that alcoholism is a disease that requires medical treatment and professional attention. People who have come to rely and depend on alcohol and whose alcohol consumption impacts their everyday lives and the decisions they make may need the help of an alcohol treatment center.

Alabama Alcohol Treatment Statistics

In Alabama, alcoholism is a prevalent problem in society and nearly 3,000 people checked into alcohol treatment centers in 2013 alone. Of those, about 1,800 people checked in because they felt they were solely dependent on alcohol whereas another 1,100 patients checked in to treatment facilities because they were addicted not only to alcohol but also to additional drugs. The majority of alcohol treatment center patients who checked into a facility in 2013 were men. Of the patients who came to treatment centers to treat only an addiction to alcohol, 74.6 percent were men and 25.4 percent were women. Of those who came to treatment centers for an addiction to alcohol and another substance, 69.8 percent were men and 30.2 percent of patients were women.

Why Choose an Inpatient Treatment Program?

In cases of severe addiction to alcohol, patients may find that they have the most success with an inpatient alcohol treatment center. An inpatient treatment center provides residential treatment options for patients who may take longer to complete the detoxification and withdrawal process, or who feel they need to be completely committed to their recovery in order to be successful. Many of the patients who opt to enter into an inpatient alcohol treatment center have tried without success to complete an outpatient recovery program. In general, there are three different options for patients who choose to participate in an inpatient program. A shorter inpatient treatment stay can last for 30 days, but there also are 60-day programs, and 90-day programs available. This allows patients to choose the inpatient alcohol treatment option that is right for them.

While participating in an inpatient program, patients will receive not only medical care but also psychological care. Medical staff members are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to help patients combat the difficult physical symptoms associated with withdrawal and detoxification. In addition to being monitored by physicians and other medical personnel, patients will also work with counselors and therapists during their stay. Many patients will enjoy both private and group therapy sessions. In addition, inpatient programs also offer recreational opportunities, exercise sessions, and other extracurricular activities to help patients rediscover their passion for life as they recover from their addiction to alcohol. Patients will stay in residential halls and often have a roommate during the length of their program.

Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers in Alabama

Throughout the state of Alabama, there are many different inpatient alcohol treatment centers for patients to choose from. This allows people to find the center that offers exactly what they need in a location that is convenient for them. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers Inc. Pearson Hall location is an inpatient facility in Birmingham that offers short-term residential programs that last for 30 days. This facility also specializes in alternative and holistic treatment options. Bridge Inc. Westwood is located in Mobile, and offers 30-day, 60-day, 90-day and 120-day inpatient programs. It specializes in addiction treatment for teens. Indian Rivers Mental Health: A Womans Place is a short-term inpatient treatment center in Tuscaloosa that offers alternative treatment options for its patients.

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