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Illinois Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol Use in Illinois – Pitfalls of Binge Drinking

A lot of media attention today is pointed at alcohol treatment, drug addiction, and other risky behaviors. At any time, you might see a reality show about intervention, or celebrities undergoing drug and alcohol counseling. While that spotlight has done a lot to inform the public in a real way about the dangers of substance abuse, it’s done little to illustrate the devastation caused by binge drinking.

Binge drinking is something most of us take for granted. Everyone goes out here and there to “tie one on” and comes home with some great story to laugh about. Binge drinkers are not all alcoholics. They’re weekend warriors. It’s a rite of passage and a way to blow off steam. The truth is somewhat more sinister. Binge drinking can, in some individuals, lead to alcohol dependency. Often the very people who were the life of the party when they were young are the ones who fall prey to alcohol addiction as they age.

Outside of the risk that you can develop a permanent addiction from binge drinking, there are the very real long-term risks to your health and short-term risks caused by your lowered mental acuity while inebriated. In other words, you’re more prone to serious and life threatening accidents as well as violence while intoxicated.

Illinois Statistics at a Glance

Illinois ranks 22nd in casual drinkers and 27th in heavy drinking among the United States. They rank much higher (9th) in binge drinking and Illinois has the 6th highest rate of alcohol related traffic deaths. Overall, this indicates that while many people are aware that regular or casual drinking should be avoided, binge drinking in Illinois is not deemed unacceptable.

While the 22nd and 27th rankings are not terrible comparatively speaking, they’re still high enough to indicate that more work is needed to prevent widespread alcohol abuse.

Treatment Centers in Illinois

Illinois is home to some fantastic sights and a very diverse people. Centers can be found to suit your specific needs in any part of the state, from the City of Chicago to the farthest suburbs and beyond. The Youth Center at NW Community Hospital in Arlington Heights offers inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Are you ready to begin the process? Contact us today to get free assistance finding the perfect treatment center for you.For veterans, Edward Hines Hospital in Hines, Illinois offer residential treatment for alcohol abuse as well as full mental and medical treatment for underlying disorders.

For women, Rebekah’s house offers full-service Christian based sober living in Woodstock, Illinois. There are many hospitals and facilities that offer a wide array of treatment types in the Chicagoland area.

Are you ready to begin the process? Contact us today to get free assistance finding the perfect treatment center for you.

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