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Idaho Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol Addiction in Idaho – Catching It Early

Did you know that the majority of underage drinkers (an astounding 69%) get their alcohol from adults? These cases are often parents or other adult family members supplying alcohol not only to their own underage children, but to their friends. If that figure isn’t disheartening, it should be. According to the results of the National Longitudinal Alcohol Epidemiological Survey (1997), people who start drinking under the age of 15 are four times more likely to develop an alcohol dependency than those who start drinking after the age of 21.

Outside of the greater risk of developing a dependency, underage drinking is associated with other substantial health issues including risky sexual behavior, driving under the influence, serious accidents, and violent behaviors.

Underage Drinking in Idaho

No one ever sets out to become an alcoholic. Often, especially when you’re young, it’s a means to fit in and a way to have a good time. You’ll hear a lot of kids tell you that there’s peer pressure, or that it’s no big deal. What we know now about dependency, though, is that each of our bodies will react differently. One teenager might drink as often as another but never develop a problem. Dependency tends to form due to more than one factor—family background, emotional health, genetic predisposition, and overall environment.

These known factors, combined with Idaho’s overall statistics on underage drinking, make early access to excellent treatment facilities imperative for these kids, as well as their families. In Idaho in 2009, underage customers accounted for nearly 15% of all alcohol sold, and teenagers who drink consumed far more than their adult counterparts—teenage drinkers consumed 4.7 drinks to adults’ 1.8.

Seeking Help for Yourself or Your Loved One

We know that teens with alcohol abuse issues grow into adults, and Idaho has a number of treatment centers devoted to every type of addiction, and any age patient. The Renaissance Ranch in Idaho Falls is a facility that serves all age brackets and bases treatment on Christian Gospel studies. They treat the whole person and seek to impart the Christian message of redemption and love.

Contact us today to get free assistance in finding the perfect fit for you.The Unity Health Center in Meridian provides individual, couple, and family therapies and boast certified and doctoral counselors, working with the medical staff to ensure the full scope of each client’s needs are being met.

Bow Creek Recovery Center in Caldwell offers a beautiful facility and a holistic approach to recovery for the individual and family.

Idaho is home to a number of excellent facilities to help you on your journey. Contact us today to get free assistance in finding the perfect fit for you.

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