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West Virginia Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersThe U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that 95,000 people who are living in West Virginia and over the age of 12 were abusing alcohol during 2007. Research also shows that a staggering 202,000 people in the state who were dealing with substance abuse in 2007 were also suffering from serious psychological distress. The statistics are shocking and they indicate a serious need for effective addiction treatments. Many different methods of addiction treatment exist, but one of the most popular methods is holistic treatment.

About Holistic Treatment

Traditional alcohol rehabilitation programs are designed to resolve patients’ addictions without much regard to other issues the patient may be facing. Holistic treatment programs, on the other hand, are designed to account for all of the external factors that may be contributing to an individual’s dependence on alcohol. Rehab facilities that practice holistic treatment often incorporate a variety of different therapies in order to address each patient’s physical, mental and spiritual health. The goal of these treatment programs is not only to help the patient overcome his or her addiction, but also to improve the quality of the patient’s life overall.

Why Holistic Treatment?

Holistic treatment programs are beneficial to patients who desire a more individualized rehabilitation program. While traditional treatment programs primarily address the physical aspects of addiction, holistic programs help the patient to understand the psychological factors that may be influencing his or her addiction. These programs also tend to involve more compassion for the patient, and they often diagnose and treat any other conditions the patient may be dealing with in conjunction with the addiction. At the end of a holistic treatment program, the patient should be sober, should feel more confident in his or her abilities to deal with daily life and should be more comfortable with his or her spirituality.

Holistic Treatment Centers in West Virginia

Prestera Center

Serving eight different counties in West Virginia, the Prestera Center offers detoxification programs, outpatient treatment and residential treatment. All treatment programs are customized in order to meet the specific needs of each individual patient. In addition to dealing with the patient’s addiction, treatment programs at the Prestera Center also aim to reduce the chances of relapse, address comorbid conditions and improve the patient’s overall quality of life.

River Park Hospital

Located in Huntington, River Park Hospital offers chemical dependency treatment for patients of all ages who are addicted to alcohol. This facility’s programs are centered around the idea that addictions don’t exist in isolation and are usually accompanied by a number of other problems that exacerbate the dependence. All therapies are designed to treat the patient as a whole and help him or her to understand and deal with all of these issues together.

EastRidge Health Systems

East Ridge Health Systems offers an outpatient addiction treatment program for both adolescents and adults. This program is designed to deal with both the mental and physical aspects of alcohol addiction through pharmacological management, family therapy, group therapy and one-on-one counseling sessions.

United Summit Center

The United Summit Center offers both outpatient and residential alcohol rehabilitation services to patients in seven different West Virginia counties. This facility’s programs teach patients to be self-reliant by gradually reducing their dependency on the staff over time. The United Summit Center’s addiction treatment programs also help patients to understand the relationship between their addiction and other areas of their life, including their personal life, career, social life and more.

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