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Texas Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersAn idea of life in Texas may bring to the mind thoughts of happy southwestern culture, but for those who are facing the impact of alcohol addiction and abuse, the picture is far less cheery. Finding treatment in Texas that works is of great importance to those struggling with the effects of alcohol dependency.

Alcohol abuse affects more people than you might think in Texas. In Texas, approximately 1,357,000 people struggle with alcohol dependence or abuse. That staggering number shows just how wide-spread this problem is in the Lone Star State.

Alcohol dependence and abuse is a disease that affects the whole person. The mental and physical affects of this condition are quite far reaching, and often those who struggle also struggle with their mental health. In Texas, approximately 1,781,000 people have suffered periods of serious psychological distress in the past year. Many of these will turn to alcohol as a way to escape from their struggles, creating an endless cycle that is difficult to break. Holistic treatment programs can provide a solution to those struggling with the problem of alcohol dependence and abuse, even when mental health issues are present.

Defining Holistic

Strictly speaking, holistic treatment for any condition including alcohol abuse and dependence, is a form of treatment that looks at the whole person. This definition can apply to a wide range of topics but has significant impact on the world of alcohol recovery.

A holistic treatment program aims to treat all of the causes and effects of alcohol abuse. Often, natural treatment options are preferred over traditional treatment options. A whole-person approach to recovery can be highly effective with an invasive disease like alcohol abuse.

Holistic Treatment for Alcohol Addiction and Abuse

So what does holistic treatment for alcohol addiction and abuse look like, practically speaking? How does this treatment differ from traditional treatments for this disease?

A holistic treatment facility is going to focus on giving the individual all of the tools necessary to overcome abuse. This may include medical help during the detox process, or it may be counseling and therapy sessions. Natural treatments are also thrown into the mix, with acupuncture, herbal remedies and meditation all common. Some facilities will include a spiritual side to addiction treatment, helping patients use their spirituality and religious beliefs to get help from addiction.

Holistic treatment facilities may also include other family members in treatment. Rather than just treating the individual, these facilities will offer support and therapy to all that are affected by the addiction. This can help keep families strong through the recovery process.

Holistic Treatment Centers for Alcohol Abuse in Texas

Ripple Recovery Ranch

Located in beautiful Texas Hill Country near San Antonio and Austin, the Ripple Recovery Ranch takes a holistic approach to alcohol treatment. The facility focuses on evidence-based treatment options for great success.

Promises Austin

Located in Austin, Promises Austin is a Joint Commission accredited addiction and dual diagnosis treatment center. The facility focuses on treating the entire person and uses its natural setting to promote emotional and physical healing. They only accept 24 clients at a time so they can better focus their treatments on each individual.

Anchor West

Located in Austin, Anchor West offers a holistic approach to detox and alcohol abuse treatment. Physical fitness is a large part of the recovery process at Anchor West, as is spiritual counseling.

Finding the Right Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center in Texas

Contact AlcoholTreatment.net today for help as you search for the holistic treatment option in Texas that fits your goals and philosophyAlcohol abuse is a problem that affects not only the individual struggling with addiction but also those who love that individual. Finding effective treatment is crucial to enjoying life free from the problems associated with alcohol abuse. Holistic treatment is a great option, but treatments vary significantly from one center to the next, so you may need help in locating the right one. Contact AlcoholTreatment.net today for help as you search for the holistic treatment option in Texas that fits your goals and philosophy. With treatment focused on the entire individual, you or the person you love who is struggling with alcohol abuse can get relief.

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