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Tennessee Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersIn recent years, researchers have discovered that alcohol addiction is a complicated disease and its cause will vary based on whom is afflicted by it. Given the various levels of addiction and the factors that can contribute to a person’s dependence on this drug, it’s not surprising that many people do not do well with a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment.

In Tennessee, more than 2 million residents over the age of 12 drank alcohol during a 30-day period, and 967,000 of those people admitted to binge drinking. Alcohol dependence also is a prevalent issue in the state, with 377,000 residents reporting that they were addicted to alcohol in 2007. Of those people, 356,000 needed treatment but did not receive it. The reasons that an addict decides not to seek treatment can vary based on the individual. In some circumstances, denial is a major issue and the person refuses to admit that they are dependent on alcohol. In others, they do not feel that alcohol treatment recovery centers will offer them the support and personalized services that they will need in order to be successful in their journey. Many people are looking for treatment centers that will help them cope with the physical symptoms as well as the emotional side effects. Since 620,000 people in Tennessee suffered from severe psychological distress in Tennessee in 2007, it’s not surprising that an alternative approach to alcohol addiction treatment is necessary.

Benefits of Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Practitioners of conventional medicine are likely to talk with patients about the symptoms that they are experiencing and provide them with medications that will treat those symptoms. They may suggest a few lifestyle changes in order to provide the patient with additional comfort. Holistic medicine practitioners aim to use a variety of treatments and techniques in order to treat the whole patient — including their mind, body, and spirit. This unique and alternative approach to medicine is increasing in popularity throughout the entire country, and is being applied with great success to alcohol treatment recovery programs.

Patients who opt to work with holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers will be able to make many of the same choices as those who prefer to work with a conventional program. For instance, a patient at a holistic recovery center will be able to decide if they want to pursue outpatient counseling, short-term inpatient treatment or long-term residential treatment. They will work with professionals in order to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal as well as identify the root cause of their addiction. Holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers work to help patients achieve permanent sobriety, just the same as any other type of treatment center.

However, patients will find that they have alternative options at holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers that can be personalized in order to meet their needs. While prescription medication may be available at the center, patients also may decide that nutritional programs, acupuncture therapy, or herbal supplement treatment options will help them on their own personal recovery journey.

Tennessee Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers are available throughout the state of Tennessee. In Chattanooga, the Johnson Mental Health Center provides holistic outpatient treatment for pregnant and postpartum women. Synergy Treatment Centers is based out of Memphis, and it provides holistic alcohol treatment programs for men and women. Both short-term and long-term residential programs are available at this facility, and patients also benefit from the aftercare treatment options that also are offered. Centerstone Luton Mental Health Services is located in Nashville, and it offers holistic treatment options for teens. It primarily provides outpatient counseling services for its patients.

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