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Puerto Rico Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersPuerto Rico’s laid-back island lifestyle is a benefit to many who live there. Unfortunately, this laid back lifestyle translates into a laid-back approach to alcohol consumption. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 3.2 percent of the population of Puerto Rico was categorized as “heavy drinkers.” This category is given to men who reported having more than two drinks per day and women reported having more than on drink per day.

Casual drinkers, those who reported consuming alcohol at least once in a 30-day period, accounted for 35.2 percent of the population. A full 12.2 percent of the population reported having a problem with binge drinking, or drinking more than five drinks at a time on occasion. While some alcohol consumption is not the same as alcohol abuse, these statistics are concerning.

Mental health concerns can increase the risk for alcohol dependency, and Puerto Ricans are at a higher risk for depression and anxiety than other Latino populations. Specific statistics as to the number of Puerto Ricans who suffer form mental health concerns are not available, but the fact that the risk is higher is important to note, especially in light of concerns about alcohol abuse.

If you or someone you love struggles with mental health concerns or is abusing alcohol, the right treatment option can bring the help you need. For some, that approach may be a holistic approach.

What Is Holistic Alcohol Treatment?

Holistic treatment for alcohol abuse is treatment that focuses on all aspects of the addiction. From the detox process to the sober living counseling, holistic treatments will offer help for the whole person, including any spiritual, social, physical, mental and psychological issues that are created by or causing the addiction.

What Holistic Alcohol Treatment Looks Like

What does holistic treatment for alcohol abuse look like on a practical level? How do these facilities focus on the whole person?

Alcohol abuse treatment in a holistic treatment center will use a wide range of treatments to attempt to provide the patient with the tools to live life free from alcohol. This might begin with medical and herbal treatments to help with detox, and it may include group therapy sessions and individual counseling to teach coping mechanisms for triggers. Often these facilities use exercise, nutrition and nature to help heal the individual who is suffering from mental or emotional issues. They will also work with psychologists and mental health professionals to treat any underlying mental health concerns.

Many find that this well-rounded approach to mental health treatment is an effective way to deal with the problems associated with alcohol abuse.

Puerto Rico Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Fundacion UPENS Inc

Fundacion UPENS Inc offers both long- and short-term residential alcohol treatment program with the option for partial hospitalization during the detox process. The facility offers both inpatient and outpatient treatment options, depending on the severity of the patient’s alcohol addiction.

Hospital San Juan Capestrano

Located in Rio Piedras, the Hospital San Juan Capestrano is a dual diagnosis treatment facility that offers help for mental health conditions and addiction problems. The environment is focused on care and protection to help patients find a full recovery. Hospitalization when necessary is able to help some patients find success.

First Hospital Panamericano

First Hospital Panamericano offers detoxification and dual diagnosis treatment for patients dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues. Catering to men and offering services for the hearing impaired, this hospital-based treatment program has residential long-term treatment options available.

AlcoholTreatment.net can put you in touch with treatment centers that are near you and meet your philosophy of treatment well.Finding the Right Holistic Treatment Centers in Puerto Rico

Because Puerto Rico is an island, the number of treatment centers available is fairly small. Finding the one with the holistic approach you want for your alcohol abuse treatment can be a challenge simply because of the small number of options available. AlcoholTreatment.net can put you in touch with treatment centers that are near you and meet your philosophy of treatment well.

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