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New York Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersWhen an alcoholic decides to get treatment for their addiction, the decision can be life changing. It can help people successfully face their future and regain control over their lives. Finding the right treatment, however, is critical to the success of any rehab program. When addicts or their loved ones begin investigating different rehabs, they often find that there are many options beyond the standard hospital environment that many would image. An increasingly popular choice has been holistic rehabs, which offer patients the opportunities they need to treat their entire body so they can successfully conquer their addiction. Here is what all addicts should know about holistic rehab treatment centers and going through rehab in New York.

What Is Holistic Rehab?

Holistic rehab believes that by treating the whole person, meaning their body, mind, and soul, they can heal better and have a much greater chance of successfully remaining clean and sober after the rehab has ended. These treatment centers will offer opportunities for people to work through their emotional and spiritual issues through various types of counseling and spiritual guidance as well as building up their bodies physically through exercise and various nutritional treatments. A person who does not neglect any particular aspect of their being will have a much greater chance of successfully completing their rehab and remaining strong as they move forward.

What Do Patients Experience In Holistic Rehab?

Holistic rehab will look for ways to treat the entire bodies of patients. Various programs will offer therapies such as individual counseling, group counseling, or family counseling to help people heal emotionally and find the root causes of their addictions. It is also common to see the physical body being treated through physical activities and exercise that will offer strength and health. Holistic treatment options also often provide quality food choices and may even have a nutritionist on staff to help heal the body physically with food. On the spiritual level, different types of meditation, spiritual guidance, and related activities frequently are a part of programs.

Holistic Rehab Programs In New York

New York statistics show that many of the residents have a need for quality, holistic rehab centers. A survey taken in 2007 showed that 8,918,000 people admitted to drinking alcohol in the past month, while 3,769,000 admitted to binge drinking within that time period. There were also 519,000 who admitted to alcohol dependence and 1,072,000 who were either alcohol dependent or who abused alcohol. Given that the state also reported that 1,599,000 people had reported severe psychological distress, the potential to heal people completely through a holistic program quickly shows its value. Here are a few of the different rehabs available to the people of New York.

Villa Veritas

The Villa Veritas focuses on promoting healthy living for all people and focuses on helping people recover from various chemical dependencies. They help women, men, and the elderly. Their women’s program includes help with those facing domestic violence. Within the rehab program, addicts will receive help with planning a nutritious diet, participate in creativity workshops, have counseling, opportunities to develop self- discipline, and participate in physical activities.

The Dunes in East Hampton

The Dunes offers intensive inpatient, outpatient, and holistic treatments. Each treatment is tailored to the individual patient to met their personal needs. There are a number of different therapies available for patients, including cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and family and experiential therapies. There is also meditation, walks and insights, yoga, and spiritual counseling.

Horizon Village

Horizon Village offers patients the chance to recover while they can relax in residential, safe atmosphere, surrounding by supportive people helping them recover. They focus on providing holistic treatments that will help patients gain the life skills they need to overcome their addiction and live a healthier lifestyle.

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