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New Mexico Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersThroughout New Mexico, people of all ages are consuming alcohol, and the statistics are startling. According to 2007 data, 710,000 people over the age of 12 used alcohol in a 30-day period, and 333,000 of those people admitted to binge drinking. This kind of excess can quickly and easily lead to alcohol dependence and addiction, and because of the complexity of this disease, it is difficult to treat.

In New Mexico, 128,000 residents reported that they abused alcohol or that they were dependent on the drug. Nearly 124,000 people did not receive the treatment that they needed in order to overcome their addiction, which only complicates matters and increases the risks associated with this disease. Many people choose not to get treatment because they do not feel it will work for them. Given the fact that 180,000 people experienced extreme psychological stress in New Mexico that year and 109,000 noted that they had an extreme depressive episode, the need for an alternative treatment option for alcohol addiction has never been greater. Holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers are designed to provide patients with a personalized treatment plan that uses natural techniques in order to help them become and stay sober.

Benefits of Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Holistic medicine is a different approach to treating chronic conditions, diseases, infections, and illnesses. Instead of relying on modern medicine in order to mask the symptoms associated with an illness or condition, holistic medicine attempts to provide the patient with total healing of the mind, body, and spirit. These techniques are designed to improve symptoms while also helping the patient feel better emotionally. It is a beneficial approach to alcohol recovery, because it helps the patient naturally resist their addiction to the drug.

Common holistic practices that are used in alcohol treatment recovery centers include nutritional therapy, acupuncture and herbal supplement therapy. Nutritional therapy programs help the patient change and adjust their diet in order to increase the amount of antioxidants in their body. Antioxidants are important nutrients that fight off free radicals in the body, which are produced by alcohol. Acupuncture is an ancient Eastern practice that improves energy flow within the body. It helps the patient achieve balance between their physical desires and their emotional needs. Herbal supplement therapy provides the patient with natural herbs that work with the body in order to improve the person’s health and mindset.

One of the major benefits of holistic alcohol recovery treatment is the fact that these programs can be customized to meet the needs of individual patients. The professionals at these facilities will evaluate the causes of the person’s addiction and the factors that contribute to its severity before helping the patient decide which types of treatment techniques will be most beneficial for them. It provides the patient with an opportunity to totally and completely heal from their addiction, versus the chance to treat the symptoms and work through the emotional side effects with a counselor.

New Mexico Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

There are a variety of holistic facilities across the entire state of New Mexico. Evolution Group Inc. is a holistic recovery facility that provides treatment for adolescent women. It offers outpatient counseling services, and also provides assistance for those who primarily speak Spanish. The Carlsbad Mental Health Association is located in Carlsbad and offers outpatient counseling services as well as holistic alcohol treatment programs. The Santa Fe Recovery Center is a holistic alcohol treatment recovery center that provides short-term residential treatment and primarily focuses on holistic treatment options for the male and female patients.

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