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New Hampshire Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersFor many people, alcohol is the first drug that they come into contact with during their lives. It is readily available and is used by many people of all different ages and lifestyles. Young adults, teens, and adolescents will often begin their experimentation with alcohol, which is unnerving, considering it can lead to a lifetime of abuse and addiction. In New Hampshire, 690,000 people over the age of 12 drank alcohol during a 30-day period in 2007, and 286,000 people reported that they had been binge drinking during that time period. Binge drinking is often defined as having 5 or more alcoholic beverages in succession, and it is one of the leading causes of dependence on alcohol. During that same year, 93,000 people reported that they were dependent on alcohol yet 87,000 of those people also stated that they did not receive the treatment that they need. In many cases, this is because alcohol addicts do not feel that conventional treatment programs will truly work for them. Many are looking for an alternative option, such as holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers. These facilities promote healing of the body as well as the mind, and they also focus on emotional health. This is beneficial for many, including the 112,000 people who experienced severe psychological distress in New Hampshire.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment Programs

Holistic medicine provides patients with an alternative option to conventional Western practices. When a person visits a conventional doctor, they will often describe a list of symptoms and receive medication that is designed to help mask those symptoms. While this can help alleviate pain and discomfort, it may not address the root cause of the issue. Holistic medicine aims to provide the patient with the healing that they require — not just of the physical symptoms of a condition, but also emotional and spiritual healing. In recent years, research has shown that holistic practices are quite beneficial when it comes to treating alcohol addiction.

Holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers work toward the same goal as traditional recovery centers — to help the patient overcome their addiction and go on to lead a permanently sober life. However, the way that these centers help to this goal may be significantly different. Conventional alcohol treatment recovery centers will provide patients with medical care and counseling services in order to help them treat the physical and emotional symptoms of their addiction. Holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers will use a combination of prescription medications with alternative health care techniques, such as acupuncture or nutritional therapy.

Ultimately, holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers work to provide patients with natural healing from their addiction. While some medication may be used, the treatment will focus primarily on teaching the body to naturally resist the need to drink alcohol. Patients who are interested in this type of program will find that they can choose from outpatient counseling facilities, short-term inpatient centers and long-term residential programs, similar to those offered at conventional recovery facilities.

New Hampshire Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Merrimack River Medical Services is a holistic alcohol treatment recovery center based out of Hudson. It provides outpatient counseling services for female patients, including Spanish speakers. Bresnahan and Ball Counseling Services Substance Abuse Outpatient provides holistic treatment options for men, women, senior citizens, and even adolescents in Manchester. It specializes in outpatient counseling as well as dual diagnosis treatment. Also located in Manchester is Farnum Center, which is a short-term residential facility that offers holistic alcohol treatment programs for men and women.

If you feel that a holistic alcohol treatment recovery center is the best place for you to overcome your addiction, then don't hesitate to contact us at todayFind the Right Facility for You Today

If you feel that a holistic alcohol treatment recovery center is the best place for you to overcome your addiction, then don’t hesitate to contact us at today. Our caring counselors will help connect you with a convenient facility that will help you on the road to recovery. Place your confidential call to us today.

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