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Montana Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersSubstance abuse is a complicated disorder that requires the right type of treatment to help reach for a successful recovery. Although alcohol is a legal substance for adults, it is potentially addictive and it can cause a variety of health concerns. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that roughly 55 percent of residents in Montana above the age of 12 drink alcohol and 26.92 percent have engaged in binge drinking. Among under-age residents of the state, 31.62 percent admit to drinking alcohol and 24.02 percent admit to binge drinking, reports SAMHSA. The figures are a concern, but holistic treatments are available to help with recovery.

Basics of Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments refer to any treatment approach that consider the individual as an entire being rather than simply focusing on one aspect of addiction and treatment. Alcohol abuse can result in a variety of health concerns, which include:

  • Addiction
  • Liver damage
  • Damage to other internal organs
  • Damage to the brain, particularly in cases of binge drinking
  • Accidental injuries
  • Violent behaviors

In a holistic treatment program, each individual is considered as a person and a plan is developed to help the individual. Addiction and substance abuse are complicated, so treatment must focus on the needs of the individual.

Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

Since alcohol abuse is dangerous to health and well-being, it is important to treat the addiction in an appropriate manner. Holistic treatment approaches consider each person and then make a plan to help the individual based on his or her needs.

During a holistic treatment program, alternative approaches to medicine are applied to treatment. The options that may be available to help with recovery include:

  • Massage therapy for pain relief
  • Acupuncture
  • Various forms of exercise and sports
  • Martial arts
  • Meditation
  • Psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Physical health treatments
  • Nutrition therapy

The reason that holistic treatment approaches are useful for addiction relate to the primary causes of substance abuse. Individuals use alcohol to handle a variety of different situations. It can be an attempt to deal with stress, trauma or even just for enjoyment at a party. Over time, an addiction can develop. Holistic treatments approach the situation from several different directions, which makes long-term recovery more likely to occur.

Holistic Treatment Programs in Montana

Finding the right treatment program can be essential for any individual who is trying to recover from alcohol abuse. The best programs will offer a variety of treatment options so that it is possible to move forward and enjoy life.

The Boyd Andrew Community Services treatment program is designed to help with alcohol abuse that has resulted in irresponsible and even criminal behavior. Individuals may go into the program after driving under the influence or engaging in other risky behaviors after drinking alcohol.

The program includes several facilities that are designed for men, women and even adolescents. The treatment options include:

Since each individual has different needs, the program provides a variety of options to help improve recovery results.

The White Sky Hope Center is another treatment facility in Montana that focuses on addiction recovery. Services that are provided include:

  • Individual treatment planning
  • Various forms of counseling
  • Detoxification referrals for severe cases of addiction
  • Co-occurring treatments
  • Educational services

By creating individual plans, the treatment focuses on the goals and abilities of each person. That holistic approach to treating the root cause of the problem makes recovery possible.

The Rocky Mountain Treatment Center is another option that provides holistic treatment. The treatment program includes:

  • Spiritual awareness options
  • Counseling
  • Exercise programs
  • Relaxation techniques

Educational courses

By providing a variety of options to help with recovery, the program makes it possible to enjoy realistic results.

For more information about options in Montana, contact today!Finding the Right Treatment Program

Alcohol addiction is a complicated problem, but there are options to treat addiction and improve recovery results. For more information about options in Montana, contact today!

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