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Missouri Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersAcross the country, alcohol is easily one of the most heavily abused drugs. One of the reasons that alcohol addiction is so common is that it is easy to acquire alcohol and it is one of the first drugs that young people use and abuse during their adolescent years.

In Missouri, 2.4 million people over the age of 12 reported that they drank alcohol in a 30-day period during 2007, and of those, 1.1 million people admitted to binge drinking. Throughout the state, 388,000 people reported that they were dependent on alcohol or that they abused the drug, and 366,000 people needed treatment for alcohol addiction but did not receive it. These facts are alarming and may signal the need for a different approach to addiction recovery. Holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers aim to provide patients with an alternative option that addresses all levels of their addiction, while offering natural treatment options. With 563,000 people experiencing some form of extreme psychological distress and another 372,000 adults reporting that they have had a depressive episode, the need for holistic alcohol treatment programs continues to grow throughout this state.

Facts about Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Holistic treatment is often described as an alternative approach to medicine. Instead of relying on the cause-and-effect theories of Western medicine, holistic treatment options aim to offer patients a chance to heal their body, mind, and spirit at the same time. Holistic approaches to medicine often focus on providing patients with natural products and suggestions for lifestyle changes that can help their body and mind work better together in order to conquer an illness or a disorder. Holistic practices are now being used in order to help patients battle their addiction to alcohol.

Holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers offer some of the same types of programs and services as traditional recovery centers. For instance, patients will opt to work with the professionals at these facilities on an outpatient or inpatient basis. Outpatient services will include counseling as well as suggestions for lifestyle changes that can be made in order to overcome addiction, such as boosting antioxidants in the diet in order to fight off free radicals in the body that are produced by alcohol. Inpatient programs will include short-term and long-term residential options, that last for 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. When participating in an inpatient program, patients will often receive some type of conventional medication in addition to holistic treatments such as acupuncture and herbal supplement therapy.

Many patients find that holistic treatment programs offer significant benefits, including the ability to customize treatment and combine conventional techniques with alternative options. The goal of these programs is to help patients not only achieve short-term success, but to truly improve their lives as they continue on their recovery journey. By taking into account the individual needs of patients and the complex levels of addiction, holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers have proven to be one of the best options for patients.

Finding Holistic Treatment Programs in Missouri

Patients who are searching for these types of facilities will find that there are many holistic centers in Missouri. Burrell Behavioral Health Adult Clinic is located in Columbia, and it provides holistic alcohol treatment programs to both men and women on an outpatient or partial inpatient basis. COMTREA Inc. is a holistic alcohol treatment recovery center that provides treatment to adolescent patients in Festus. It offers outpatient counseling services as well as partial inpatient programs, including work placement programs. Niles Home for Children is based out of Kansas City, and it primarily offers holistic residential treatment that lasts for about 30 days.

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