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Mississippi Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol addiction is complex and there are many different factors that can contribute to the level and severity of a person’s addiction. Genetic factors, lifestyle choices, physical health conditions, and mental health conditions can all contribute to a person’s addiction to this particular drug. Given the complexity of alcohol addiction, it’s not surprising that one type of conventional treatment does not work for everyone.

In 2007, 148,000 residents in the state of Mississippi reported that they were dependent on alcohol or stated that they abused alcohol. Of those, 142,000 people needed treatment in order to treat their addiction but did not receive that treatment. This fact lends to the idea that the people of Mississippi are looking for new and alternative options for treatment. Holistic treatment is available for patients who are looking for total body healing, such as those who are suffering from mental illness or psychological distress. Given the fact that 251,000 people reported that they had experienced severe psychological distress in Mississippi, it comes as no surprise that holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers are becoming more common in this state.

About Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Holistic treatment is an alternative approach to conventional Western medicine; the goal of this type of treatment is to provide the patient with physical healing as well as spiritual and emotional healing. Conventional medicine works on a theory that medication can be used in order to treat the symptoms associated with a disorder. Holistic medicine is practiced with the idea that natural techniques, herbs and supplements will not only minimize the appearance of symptoms but also help the patient feel better both physically and emotionally. This type of treatment is increasing in prevalence across the United States for many different types of illnesses and disorders, including the treatment of alcohol addiction.

Holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers provide alcohol dependents with an alternative to conventional and traditional rehabilitation centers. At a typical alcohol treatment recovery center, patients receive prescription medication in combination with professional therapy in order to overcome addiction. While this may be helpful to some types of patients, this approach to treatment does not necessarily work for all patients. Holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers provide patients with alternative options that will help them become sober and live a more fulfilling life.

Patients will find that these alternative treatments can be customized and personalized in order to meet their needs and desires. In some cases, conventional medication will be used in order to help treat the symptoms of addiction, however, natural treatment options such as nutritional therapy or herbal supplement therapy may be used in order to help the body improve itself. Acupuncture treatment and counseling services also are provided at many holistic alcohol treatment centers because they help to cure the patient both emotionally and spiritually of the need for addiction. Patients report that they have great success with these types of programs, because they are crafted specifically for them.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers in Mississippi

Ark is an alcohol treatment recovery center in Jackson that provides primarily holistic treatment options for its adolescent patients. This facility offers both short-term and long-term residential programs, allowing patients to maximize the effectiveness of their recovery treatment. Region XV Warren-Yazoo MH Chemical Dependency Center is based out of Vicksburg, and it offers holistic treatment programs for the men and women at this facility. Patients can choose from outpatient counseling treatment or residential programs. Aftercare treatment also is available here. Baptist Memorial Hospital Chemical Dependency Unit is an outpatient treatment center that provides its Columbus patients with alternative treatment options.

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If you feel that holistic alcohol addiction treatment is the right path for your recovery journey, then contact AlcoholTreatment.net today. Our caring and qualified counselors are available to help you connect with the facility that will provide you with the exact type of treatment that you need.

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