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Minnesota Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersIn Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, alcoholism affects quite the number of households and individuals. According to the demographics of the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office, Minnesota had a population of 5,263,493 in 2007. Of this total, 161,000 individuals over the age of 12 reported having alcohol dependence in the same year, as noted by SAMSHA. In relation to how alcoholism affects households, 420,000 adults 18 and over, which is one in 12 Minnesotans, noted that they experienced serious psychological distress due to substance use. In order to stem the serious problem of alcoholism in Minnesota holistic treatment facilities are readily available.

What is Holistic Treatment?

The holistic approach to treating alcoholism is more tailor-made and personalized for the individual being treated. This makes a great deal of sense when considering that every person is unique. By looking at the aspects of addiction as it relates to the individual, substance abuse counselors and treatment providers can better benefit those who abuse alcohol. In the 2013 Director’s Report published by NIAAA Director Ken A. Warren, he states that there is not a single approach to providing treatment for alcoholism. Holistic treatment facilities use a combination of interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational enhancement therapy.

What to Expect: Holistic Alcohol Treatment

Every person who enters a treatment program or facility has his own issues, history, and needs. Through this approach to treatment, substance use and mental health counselors target the specific problem areas of the individual. Specific examples of treatment are used to target specific areas of the whole individual: mind, spirit, and body. Therefore, through a holistic treatment plan, a person will find their treatment benefits these three areas.

Examples of physical treatment that are used in many holistic treatment programs include group exercise, hiking, swimming, dance, horseback riding and mountain climbing. Most programs and facilities take advantage of their nature surroundings, which offer the dual benefit of the health benefits of being outdoors and in nature.

For repair of the soul, holistic-based recovery centers focus on spiritual or religious aspects. Many holistic treatment centers in Minnesota are religion-based, which means that the entire program is founded on religious principles. Spirituality is another way that this type of treatment center improves one’s soul. Yoga, pilates, meditation, and deep breathing exercises are some of the most common programs used in holistic care plans.

The mind is one of the main sources of concern when dealing with patients who are suffering from alcoholism. Treatment providers typically address psychological issues that have been caused by alcoholism. Additionally, substance use and mental health counselors and therapists often use psychoanalysis to address any history or emotional concerns that have led to the abuse of alcohol. Holistic approaches to healing the mind range from acupuncture therapy to hypnosis. Journaling and writing poetry are other ways that patients can work on repairing their spirit while in treatment facilities.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment Centers in Minnesota

Bethel Outpatient Services in Duluth provides holistic rehabilitation as an alternative treatment option. At this spiritually grounded treatment facility, patients have multiple treatment options including the Port Rehabilitation Center, Work Release Center, Women’s Program, and Bethel Outpatient Center.

In Fridley, Family Restoration Services (FRS) is a program offered through Christian Restoration Services. This faith-based treatment program offers a wide range of services. For example, the FRS parenting classes, anger management courses, vocational training and life skills classes encourage the development of the mind. As a faith-based service, Family Restoration Services includes Christian-focused principles for the healing of the patient’s spirit.

Integrations Wellness and Recovery Center has two locations in Minnesota including Hutchinson and Wadena. Here patients can receive a dual diagnosis, as well as treatment, for mental health and substance use issues, which covers the holistic approach of healing the mind during treatment. Following a person-centered approach to recovery, Integrations Wellness and Recovery Center promotes a trauma-informed and gender responsive, holistic method of treatment.

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