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Michigan Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersMichigan is experiencing a reoccurring situation of substance abuse that includes alcohol use and binge drinking. In fact, in Michigan 682,000 individuals suffer from alcohol dependence or abuse, according to SAMHSA and the 2007 State Estimates of Substance Use and Mental Health. From that same report, statistics show that 897,000 adults over age 18 in Michigan are experiencing serious psychological distress in relation to substance use. Clearly, there is a strong need for alcohol treatment in the Great Lake State. One of the most promising ways to counteract the emotional, physical, social, and economic impact of alcohol abuse is through holistic treatment.

Understanding Holistic Treatment and Recovery

Every instance of alcohol abuse stems from some point in an addicted individual’s past and present self and psyche. A holistic alcohol treatment center supports all aspects of an individual’s well-being including the spirit, mind, and body. By addressing each of these areas as part of a person’s whole self, treatment specialists can get to the root of an addiction. A holistic program looks at every aspect of a person’s body, soul, and mind in order to remedy any aspect that might be triggering the alcoholism. Holistic treatment by nature provides a more substantial recovery in the long term for a patient.

What exactly is involved with a holistic alcohol recovery program? The premise here is to provide treatment options and services that look at more than just the addiction itself. For instance, a holistic drug rehab might include organic foods and clean eating meal plans to improve one’s physical self. This type of treatment typically includes some aspect of physical fitness in an outdoor setting, such as horseback riding, mountain climbing, or hiking to a primitive camping location. By hosting exercise outdoors, the healing and energizing power of nature helps to stimulate recovery. In Michigan the natural setting of the Great Lakes is an ideal backdrop for individuals seeking holistic treatment for alcohol abuse.

Often holistic programs include meditation practices in line with spiritual recovery, such as via yoga or deep breathing exercises. Religiously-based treatment centers often base holistic alcohol treatment on a set of spiritual principles. Other examples of holistic programming include art and music therapy that aids in psychotherapy. Acupuncture and hypnosis are a few of the many alternative forms of therapy that can be found in holistic treatment centers.

Holistic Treatment Options in Michigan

Anderson Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Grand Rapids provides holistic treatment in an outpatient setting. Programs are focused on DWI and DUI offenders, as well as adolescents. This treatment center is part of a Catholic health ministry at St. Vincent, and it provides holistic care with a spiritual foundation.

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in Grand Rapids offers four treatment facilities: Freedom House, Jellema House, Jellema Treatment Center, and Recovery Residence. As residents of these facilities work through their recovery and into sobriety, Pine Rest provides holistic support to aid in alcohol treatment. Some of the holistic tools available here include spirituality counseling, nutritional and health information programs, parenting courses, and stress management classes.

Also in Grand Rapids, the Our Hope Association serves women who are in need of alcohol treatment and recovery. Patients receive a comprehensive set of services with a holistic focus. For example, patients can utilize acupuncture detoxification therapy or short-term intensive treatment as an outpatient.

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Contact alcohol addiction specialists today at AlcoholTreatment.net to find state-specific information. If you or someone you love is searching for alcohol treatment in Michigan you are in luck. There are several facilities that offer holistic treatment and recovery services in this state. Contact alcohol addiction specialists today at AlcoholTreatment.net to find state-specific information. We will help you find treatment, as well as to understand alcoholism and the various treatment types available in Michigan. Our blog and handy guide for “Talking to an Alcoholic” will give you tips and resources for making that next step along the road to recovery.

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