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Kentucky Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol dependence or abuse is a complex disease that affects the entire person, both mentally and physically. It has far-reaching consequences and affects those who love the individual struggling with addiction. With these ideas in mind, finding the right treatment is essential to successfully overcoming addiction.

Every year in Kentucky, approximately 216,000 people struggling with alcohol addiction. The number of people affected by these addictions is even higher, as addiction affects many more people than just the person struggling with the addiction.

Mental health is another concern that could lead to these high numbers of alcohol dependency problems. Approximately 426,000 people ages 18 or over suffer periods of serious psychological distress each year in Kentucky. That distress can lead individuals to seek alcohol as a release from their stress.

When someone you know or love is struggling with alcohol addiction, you may find yourself wondering what treatments are best. Holistic treatment is one of several options and it may give you the tools you need for success in treating the disease of addiction.

What Does Holistic Mean?

“Holistic,” by definition, means “whole” or “the whole body.” Holistic treatment for alcohol dependency is focused on treating the whole person, not just one aspect of the disease. For some people, this whole-person treatment will be more effective than treatment that focuses on just the detox process or the psychological effects of addiction.

What Does Holistic Treatment for Alcohol Dependency Entail?

Holistic treatment for alcohol abuse often focuses on natural options to treat the problem. Holistic treatment centers are often located in a beautiful natural setting as a result.

Because alcohol dependency has both physical and emotional effects, holistic treatment will focus on attending to both of these. Often, holistic treatment also entails natural treatment options in addition to the standard medical treatments used in traditional therapy or recovery programs.

Holistic treatment may include acupuncture, psychological therapy, medications for detox, herbal supplements, and even spiritual counseling. It will also include nutrition to make up for the nutritional deficiencies that occur due to the addiction.

Kentucky Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

Bluegrass Counseling Services

Located in Winchester, Kentucky, Bluegrass Counseling Services offers holistic and dual diagnosis treatment for alcohol abuse. Bluegrass Counseling Services has a strong focus on helping those struggling with alcohol and mental health concerns.

Chrysalis House

Offering services only for women, Chrysalis House focuses on providing help for substance abuse and domestic abuse for women who are facing difficult times. The facility treats the entire person, not just the substance abuse, and provides help for any children, as well. It is located in Kentucky near Eastern State Hospital.

Beacon House Aftercare Program

The Beacon House Aftercare Program focuses on holistic substance abuse program for people dealing with alcohol abuse and other substance abuse as well as mental disorders. Beach House focuses on the needs of men and is located in Lexington.

Finding the Right Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Center

Contact to help you find a holistic treatment center in Kentucky near you.If you or someone you love is dealing with the challenges of alcohol dependency, holistic treatment may be the answer you have been looking for. If the idea of treating the whole person, rather than just the symptoms of the condition, is appealing to you, holistic treatment is a good choice. Contact to help you find a holistic treatment center in Kentucky near you. With the help of the right treatment program, alcohol abuse will no longer control your life.

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