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Kansas Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersLiving in the Wheat State brings a wealth of income from wheat-based products. Combine the fact that Kansas is one of the top producers of sunflowers, wheat, and sorghum with the isolation of the prairie for a dangerous combination. Depression and isolated winters cold enough to bring out cabin fever in the best of people encourage individuals to take up alcohol. As a result, alcohol abuse and addiction have become a major problem in Kansas. According to the 2007 State Estimates of Substance Use & Mental Health 194,000 individuals over age 12 in Kansas reported alcohol dependence or abuse. One such treatment method is called holistic alcohol treatment.

What is Holistic Alcohol Treatment

In holistic medicine, a patient receives treatment for their whole self. This involves treating the mind, body, spirit, and emotional self. The philosophy of holistic medicine is that an individual can achieve a balanced life that is free of addictions or abuse. This lends to a life of optimal health and well-being. For individuals struggling with addictions or abusive behaviors associated with alcohol, holistic treatment is a solid treatment method. Consider that among adults 18 years and older, 239,000 individuals in Kansas experienced serious psychological distress. This statistic directly associates alcohol abuse with mental illness, a type of abuse that would most likely benefit from holistic treatments.

Benefits of Holistic Treatment

Holistic practitioners believe that every person’s physical, mental, and emotional systems are interconnected. If, as with alcoholics, there is a part of this system that is dysfunctional, the only way to approach treatment is to correct any imbalances of the individual. For an alcohol treatment program with a holistic edge, a patient may go through group counseling, art therapy, nature walks and acupuncture as part of their treatment and recovery. Some holistic programs are centered on religious theory, while others take a more alternative approach to healing. However, the ultimate goal is to address all areas of the patient’s life so to correct any wrongs that could be affecting the overall system. Fortunately in Kansas there are several centers that offer holistic treatment methods.

Avenues to Recovery

In Olathe, Kansas the Avenues to Recovery center has been providing holistic treatment for alcoholics since 2003. Here alcoholism is treated like a physical disease, and the treatment program follows suit that to cure an illness there must be some form of physical treatment. Following a comprehensive alcohol evaluation and assessment, patients are treated through many crises, such as physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional, that they might encounter during recovery.

Phoenix Recovery Centers

At Phoenix Recovery Centers in Mission, Kansas patients are viewed as having a thinking problem, not a drinking problem. Part of the holistic treatment offered to patients here involves getting to the root of the abusive or addictive behavior. Phoenix Recovery Centers focuses on reparation and remedy of the psychological, physical, or emotional problems that have led to alcohol abuse or addiction.

Wichita Fellowship Club

The Wichita Fellowship Club offers patients a unique opportunity to work through their treatment of alcoholism or abuse. At this facility individuals struggling with alcohol can congregate and learn how to interact socially in a family friendly environment that is free of alcohol. While working through treatment, you can participate in potluck dinners, bingo tournaments, softball games, tent camping, and fishing, just to name a few of the activities. By learning to live as a sober individual through body, mind and spirit, you increase your chances for recovery.

Finding Help for Alcohol Abuse or Addiction

Contact AlcoholTreatment.net today to find additional resources for making the first step toward treatment.If you or someone you love are struggling with abuse or addiction of alcohol, you are not alone. We can help you find the right holistic treatment program that will best suit your needs for recovery in Kansas. Contact AlcoholTreatment.net today to find additional resources for making the first step toward treatment. Let our professional service providers help you recover the rest of your life.

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