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Illinois Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersEvery year in Illinois, an estimated 806,000 people struggle with alcohol dependence or abuse, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. That is a staggering number and one that deserves the attention of anyone concerned with the effects of alcohol dependence on someone they care about.

Studies have shown time and time again that many who struggle with alcohol dependence also suffer from psychological distress. In Illinois, approximately 969,000 people suffer from serious psychological distress, and many of those may also be struggling with alcohol addiction. For those who are seeking help for their substance abuse, finding treatment that will help mend the entire person, not just the substance abuse problem, is essential to recovering from the addiction. Holistic treatments in Illinois can provide this help.

What Is Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery

Holistic refers to any type of treatment that looks at the entire person, not just one particular symptom or problem. It considers social, mental, physical, and even spiritual factors that could be contributing to a particular problem.

For alcohol recovery treatment, a holistic approach looks at the different influences on the individual’s life that can be contributing to the addiction.

Because of the strong connection between mental health and alcohol abuse, holistic treatment that takes into account mental health as well as the addiction and its affects can be quite effective. Yet holistic treatment goes beyond this as well and also considers spiritual and social aspects of alcohol addiction.

What Methods Do Holistic Treatment Facilities Use?

Holistic treatment for alcohol abuse can take many different forms. Sometimes it involves 24/7 medical care and oversight during the alcohol detox process. It also provides therapy, in either a group setting or on an individual basis, to help provide mental and emotional healing.

Beyond these treatment options, holistic treatments may offer additional methods, such as acupuncture, nutritional therapy, massage therapy, spiritual or religious counseling, yoga, meditation, and exercise. Holistic centers may also focus on connecting the individual to nature, and as such are typically located in peaceful, natural settings.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment Centers in Illinois

Advocate Addiction Treatment Program

Located in Des Plaines, the Advocate Addiction Treatment Program focuses on a holistic, faith-based treatment approach to alcohol abuse. In addition to inpatient and hospital-based detoxification, Advocate Addiction Treatment Program offers psychotherapy group sessions and continuing care past the initial treatment.

New Hope Recovery Center

The New Hope Recovery Center takes a whole-person approach to recovering from addiction and helping the person live a productive, balanced life as a sober individual. They focus on each patient as an individual and have wide range of treatment options. New Hope is in Chicago.

Care Addiction Treatment Program

With residential day treatment and intensive evening programs, as well as extended care programs, Care Addiction Treatment Program in Geneva offers a full list of alcohol treatment services. Primarily outpatient in nature, these holistic programs are individualized to meet the needs of each client.

Contact to help you locate the best treatment center near you in Illinois.Finding Holistic Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers in Illinois

The effects of alcohol abuse are far-reaching. Whether you are coming to the point where you realize you need help or you are reaching out for help for someone close to you, a holistic approach may be the tool you need to finally see success. Contact to help you locate the best treatment center near you in Illinois, so you can begin the process of seeking help for alcohol abuse.

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