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Delaware Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol abuse–along with mental health concerns–is a growing problem for many Delaware residents aged 12 and older. 16,500 Delaware residents aged 12 and older admit to binge drinking at least once in the last month, according to the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health. This includes 2,100 persons aged 12 to 20. 4,500 Delaware residents aged 18 or older have had at least one depressive episode in the last month and 6,700 acknowledge being under psychological distress. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse, including alcohol abuse in conjunction with mental health concerns, Delaware holistic alcohol treatment centers can help.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment Addresses Root Causes for Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous is a 12-step program to treating alcohol addiction. This treatment approach focuses on helping individuals achieve sobriety by acknowledging that they are powerless over their addiction and working through each of the 12 steps. Holistic treatment programs are a natural complement to Alcoholics Anonymous and other group therapy/cognitive behavioral therapy treatment programs. Holistic treatment programs may include yoga, meditation, spiritual counseling/exploration, acupuncture, equine therapy, art therapy, physical exercise, adventure activities, painting, photography, and more. These therapies help individuals better understand the emotions that are underlying their drug use, while also building self-esteem and confidence.

Holistic treatment programs follow a “whole body approach” to alcohol abuse. In addition to helping program participants successfully detox and manage withdrawal symptoms, holistic treatments programs address the reasons underlying alcohol abuse. For example, some individuals who abuse alcohol also struggle with depression, anxiety, fear, stress, or other mental health concerns. Holistic rehabilitation is completely personalized approach to alcohol abuse treatment. The goal of treatment is to empower each individual to take charge of his or her long-term sobriety.

Delaware Holistic Alcohol Treatment Options

Delaware is home to 29 substance abuse treatment recovery centers, many of which offer holistic alcohol treatment in addition to inpatient and outpatient care. For example, Brandywine Counseling and Community Services in Wilmington provides holistic, alternative alcohol treatment, in addition to dual diagnosis treatment for individuals with co-occurring alcohol abuse and mental health disorders. Specialized addiction treatment is available for individuals who are HIV positive or diagnosed with AIDS, as well as seniors and older adults, men, women, Spanish speakers, and pregnant or post-partum women. Inpatient partial hospitalization, day treatment, work programs, and court-ordered addiction treatment are all available. SODAT Delaware Inc., as located in Wilmington, offers holistic alcohol abuse treatment, as well as court-ordered alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders. Adolescent addiction treatment, along with outpatient counseling treatment and dual diagnosis care is also available.

Kent Sussex Counseling Services in Dover provides holistic alcohol abuse treatment, as well as specialized treatment for men, women, pregnant/postpartum women, and individuals with HIV/AIDS. Dual diagnosis treatment for alcohol abuse and mental health concerns, along with outpatient treatment, is also available at Kent Sussex Counseling Services. Open Door, Inc. in Newark provides offers holistic alcohol treatment in conjunction with dual diagnosis treatment, addiction treatment programs for teenagers, addiction treatment for seniors/older adults, and court-ordered treatment for DUI/DWI offenders.

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The right holistic treatment program can help your or a loved one take the first important steps towards long-term recovery and sobriety. However, finding the right treatment center is not always easy. Each holistic alcohol treatment program is different and unique. During treatment, individuals will embark on a personal journey towards whole body health and wellness. Holistic treatment programs are beneficial for individuals who are first beginning the journey to sobriety as well as individuals who may have relapsed and need more in-depth treatment than an outpatient program.

To learn more about the different Delaware holistic rehab treatment options, contact todayIf you or a loved one could benefit from holistic alcohol treatment, the experienced team at can help you find the right treatment center. To learn more about the different Delaware holistic rehab treatment options, contact today.

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