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California Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersAs the most populous state in the country, it comes as no surprise that the number of people in California who have used or abused alcohol are significantly higher than the numbers that are found throughout the rest of the country. During a 30-day period of time in 2007, more than 14 million people in California over the age of 12 consumed alcohol, and about 6.5 million people reported that they had a binge drinking episode. The data also notes that about 2.4 million people are considered dependent on alcohol in the state. Alcohol dependency and addiction can be a difficult disease to overcome, largely because its cause is not quite known. Many patients who are diagnosed with addiction also suffer from mental disorders, and their treatment must be tailored in order to meet their needs. With about 2.6 million people in California reporting that they had experienced severe psychological distress, the need for holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers within the state cannot be denied.

Facts about Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers

A holistic approach to medicine is slightly different than the conventional approach. While conventional Western medicine aims to treat patients in a cause-and-effect type manner, holistic approaches are designed to approach a condition from a variety of different perspectives. A person who is receiving alternative or holistic treatment for a disease or disorder is hoping to heal their mind, body and spirit. In general, their emotions are considered as well as their state of mind, while they also try to overcome the physical symptoms associated with their illness.

This alternative treatment approach can easily and effectively be applied to alcohol addiction. It is especially beneficial for those who are addicted to alcohol who also suffer from mental health disorders at the same time. There are various complex levels to all forms of alcohol addiction, and each patient will require a different, personalized approach to recovery treatment. Holistic treatment facilities are designed to provide patients with this one-of-a-kind care, offering a variety of treatment techniques that can be combined in order to create a successful plan for an individual.

Common treatment options that are found at holistic health care centers include nutritional therapy, herbal supplements and acupuncture. Many patients wrongly assume that they will not receive any medication if they decide to go with a holistic alcohol treatment recovery center. Quite the opposite, many patients still receive the same conventional medication prescriptions as patients in traditional recovery centers, but they also receive additional treatment that is designed to naturally heal their mind and spirit. Alternative addiction recovery programs also include psychological treatment in which the patient works with a therapist or counselor in order to discover the root cause of their addiction and develop a plan for achieving permanent sobriety.

Holistic Treatment Facilities in California

There are many holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers in California, including the Addiction Research and Treatment Inc center. Located in Fresno, this facility primarily provides holistic outpatient treatment for dual diagnosis patients. It offers assistance for Spanish speaking patients. Bernies Lil Women Center is based out of Los Angeles, and it provides holistic treatment for women, specializing in programs for pregnant women, postpartum women, women with HIV/AIDS and lesbian women. It offers long-term residential programs for its patients. Mental Health Systems Inc Hemet Center for Change is a holistic recovery center in San Diego that provides treatment for both male and female patients. It offers outpatient counseling services.

If you feel that you or a loved one may benefit from alternative addiction recovery treatment options, then don't hesitate to contact us at today.Get More Info on Holistic Treatment Programs Near You

If you feel that you or a loved one may benefit from alternative addiction recovery treatment options, then don’t hesitate to contact us at today. We can help you find the California holistic alcohol treatment recovery center that will meet all of your needs. We know how important it is to find the right facility, as this ensures your success on your recovery journey. We look forward to assisting you today.

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