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Arizona Holistic Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol is one of the most commonly abused drugs in the country, largely because it is easy for people to acquire — even if they are underage. In many cases, alcohol abuse in a person’s early teen years or young adult life can lead to alcohol dependency. In Arizona, 2,618,000 people over the age of 12 drank alcohol in a 30-day period during the year 2007. Of those people, 1,159,000 reported that they participated in binge drinking, or the consumption of more than 5 alcoholic beverages in one sitting. During the year 2007, 375,000 Arizona residents reported that they were dependent on alcohol, and 356,000 people claimed that they needed treatment but did not get it. In that same time period, 543,000 adults in Arizona reported that they had experienced serious psychological distress. With these facts in mind, it’s important that the people of Arizona know that there are holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers that can provide them with the recovery support that they need.

Holistic Treatment for Alcohol Addiction and Abuse

Holistic treatment provides patients with an alternative option to traditional recovery treatment centers, which utilize Western medicine in order to help people combat the disease of alcoholism. Holistic treatment focuses on the entire body — not just the physical aspects of recovery, but also recovery of the mind and spirit. Holistic therapy and treatment is available for nearly every disorder, disease or illness that a person may experience, and alcohol addiction is not excluded from that. In recent years, the popularity of holistic alcohol treatment recovery centers has increased exponentially.

When a patient enters a holistic alcohol treatment recovery center, they will find that the treatment methods are slightly different from those that are offered at traditional alcohol treatment recovery centers. While some conventional medications may be used in order to help a person treat their addiction, it is typically combined with other alternative treatment options in order to provide patients with the best results possible. Common alternative treatment options that may be considered include acupuncture, nutritional supplement treatment and herbal supplement treatment.

Acupuncture is an Eastern medicine technique that aims to correct the flow of energy throughout the body. It is especially useful during the withdrawal stage of the recovery process, because it can help ease some of the painful physical symptoms as well as the daunting emotional symptoms that come along with detoxification. Nutritional supplement programs provide patients with vitamin supplements and nutritional supplements that are needed in order to boost antioxidants which fight off the free radicals produced by alcohol addiction. Herbal supplement treatments use natural herbs in order to help a person feel better both physically and mentally. For example, certain herbs can be used in order to help a person sleep better and also help with anxiety.

Holistic Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers in Arizona

Those who are looking to recover from alcohol addiction in Arizona utilizing alternative treatment options will find that there are many centers that will meet their needs. The Center for Behavioral Health Phoenix Inc. focuses on holistic alcohol treatment programs for its female patients. It specializes in treatment programs for pregnant or postpartum women. Community Medical Services Alpha, which also is located in Phoenix, primarily provides alternative treatment programs for patients. It specializes in outpatient counseling and assistance for those who are hearing impaired. Banner Behavioral Health Hospital is based out of Scottsdale, and offers holistic treatment programs for adolescents. It also provides short-term residential programs that last for about 30 days.

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