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Hawaii Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol Use in Hawaii – From Pastime to Problem

When you think of alcohol abuse, images of rock bottom fill your head, but you don’t need a day-to-day addiction for alcohol use to ruin your life. A fatal car crash is pretty catastrophic and most crashes are caused by drunk drivers. While there’s a higher likelihood that someone driving intoxicated is also a person who drinks more regularly, one time behind the wheel is enough to do irreparable damage.

Hawaii’s Alcohol Statistics at a Glance

Did you know that in 2011 Hawaii ranked number one in the United States for alcohol related automotive fatalities? Whether the drivers involved were problem drinkers or simply people who made one bad decision, the result is exactly the same.

Eighteen percent of Hawaii’s adult population admits to binge drinking, while 14.9% of youth admit to the same. The binge drinking numbers in Hawaii’s youth are declining, though the rates of adult binge drinking are on the rise. Heavy drinking numbers in Hawaii are also well above the average—among adults 1.3% higher, with about 29% of the youth admitting to heavy alcohol consumption.

What these numbers tell us is that a higher percentage of alcohol use on a regular or binge basis will correlate to a higher number of automobile fatalities. Those statistics don’t even take into account the other personal and community wide problems that alcohol abuse contributes to, and no studies have determined the long term impact on the survivors of alcohol related fatalities. We do know that guilt can be a factor in depression and substance abuse, which may make future alcohol and substance abuse more likely in surviving drivers.

Do You Want Help with Your Addiction?

When you’re ready to end your dependence on alcohol, there are a number of fantastic facilities that cater to any lifestyle and every need. The Exclusive Holistic Rehab Center in Honokaa offers a luxurious retreat atmosphere and boasts an all inclusive approach to treat the current addiction, as well as the pain and life situations that are at the root of the behavior.

 Contact us to help locate the best facility for you and start your journey to sobriety.For teens, The White River Academy in Honolulu treats teens struggling with addiction. They also offer an accredited facility that will help put them on the right path academically. Teens at the White River Academy turn the corner on their addictions while building a new future that they couldn’t see before.

The Sovereign Health Recovery Programs in Kula offers an integrated approach for those who have more than one addiction or dual mental health issues fueling their alcohol abuse.

There are many excellent, state of the art facilities to choose from in Hawaii. Contact us to help locate the best facility for you and start your journey to sobriety.

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