Dealing With A Parent Addicted To Alcohol

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Dealing With A Parent Addicted To Alcohol

Dealing with a parent addicted to alcohol is not easy. You might be experiencing fear, anxiety, anger, helplessness, or sadness. An addiction is something that can affect an entire family and not just the suffering individual. If you fear your parent is struggling from an alcohol addiction, you are not alone. In fact, in America, 1 out of 4 children under 18 years old are exposed to alcohol dependence at home. Alcohol addiction is a serious situation that needs to be addressed immediately. Whether you are 15 years old or 50 years old, watching your parent struggle with an alcohol addiction is rough. But you can help them choose to seek treatment for their addiction.

It’s Not Your Fault

Regardless of what age you are, it’s never your fault that your parent is addicted to alcohol. Your parent is an adult and you did not tell them to abuse alcohol. They need help. If your parent is trying to blame you for their behavior, this is simply not true. Never allow a parent to blame you for their alcohol addiction.

Seeking Help

Your parent is a human too and it can be hard for anyone to admit that they have a problem. Sometimes your parent may not even recognize their alcohol behaviors are a problem. And sometimes, they are too afraid to ask for help and might not want to deal with reality without alcohol. It may be extremely frustrating for you to see them continuing with their behaviors. Talk with a school or private counselor, a relative, a trusted community leader (such as a pastor), or reach out to numerous alcohol addiction assistance sites or support group. Together you can seek help for the individual that is suffering from their addiction. At, we’re also here to help. You can talk privately to us now at 888-645-0551.

If your situation is an extreme emergency, you can reach out to various alcohol addiction agencies online right now. If you have found your parent injured or needing immediate medical attention for their alcohol abuse, call 9-1-1 and seek help immediately.

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Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

Maybe your parent has downplayed their alcoholic behaviors. So, how do you know if your parent might be abusing alcohol? Here are some signs your parent may be addicted to alcohol:

Neglecting responsibilities. If your parent is neglecting to care for you or other family members, this is a possible sign of addiction. If they constantly miss work due to being hungover or have poor performance at work due to alcohol abuse, this is another sign to watch out for.

Mixing alcohol with dangerous situations. If your parent is mixing alcohol with other drugs, or is engaging in risky or dangerous behaviors such as driving while intoxicated, this is a sign they need to seek help.

Building tolerance. Over time, have you noticed your parent drinking more amounts of alcohol? If they have to increase the amount of alcohol to feel the same effects that a smaller amount used to bring, their body is building up a tolerance.

Withdrawal symptoms. How does your parent react when they cannot drink alcohol? Do they have headaches, irritability, depression, fatigue, etc.? If so, they may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Some withdrawal symptoms are extreme. These symptoms such as fever, seizures, agitation, confusion, or hallucinations could be life-threatening and you should contact your doctor or emergency facility immediately if you witness your parent going through extreme withdrawal symptoms.

Lying. If your parent has lied about their drinking behaviors, or tried to hide their habits, this is another big sign they should seek treatment.

Losing interests in hobbies and activities. Has your parent lost interest in things they once enjoyed? Is there more time spent with alcohol? If so, this is another sign they need to seek help.
Stealing. Has your parent stolen money from you or others to buy alcohol? If so, they may be struggling from an addiction.

What Else Can I Do?

As mentioned above, you should seek help for the struggling individual immediately. Here are some other ways you can help your parent:

  • Wait until your parent is sober and talk to them about your concerns. If your parent refuses to talk to you, be persistent and try again another time. If a parent threatens you or others, seek professional help immediately. Don’t wait.
  • If they are ready to talk, ask questions. The goal is that by asking questions you can get your parent to realize they need help. Be prepared to give examples of what behaviors concern you.
  • When asking your parent questions, be sure to be respectful. Don’t be accusatory.
  • Discuss your plan of how they can get better.
  • Talk to them about rehab facility options, alcohol addiction hotlines, or see if they are open to seeking additional help from a counselor.
  • If your parent refuses to talk or refuses help, focus your energy into finding a professional that can convince them to seek help.
  • Seek immediate help for yourself or others if your parent abuses alcohol and physically abuses you, your siblings, or even their spouse or partner.
  • Talk to your other parent. If your other parent is present and does not abuse alcohol, discuss your concerns with them and work together to seek help for the struggling individual.

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We’re here to help you. Contact us today at AlcoholTreatment.netDealing with a parent that is addicted to alcohol is a serious situation that needs to be addressed professionally. Seeking help for your parent is one of the best ways you can help. You may also want to seek help for yourself by talking with a counselor. Contact us today at for help with information and getting into the best treatment for your or a loved one’s addiction.

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