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Colorado Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol Treatment in Colorado: Join the Fight for Recovery

It can be tempting to downplay an alcohol addiction when everyone around you drinks. However, drinking problems are becoming increasingly widespread. According to a 2006 survey by the Center for Disease Control, Coloradans spend an average of $906 yearly on alcohol consumption and have about 7 alcoholic beverages on each heavy-drinking occasion, which falls well above the criteria for binge drinking.

If you suffer from an alcohol problem, you are not alone. Many people seek out treatment centers to help them start on recovery. Whenever possible, opt for long-term, residential treatment, as it offers the highest success rates. This type of care allows patients to totally reset their bodies, minds, and behaviors before attempting to combat the challenges of daily life.

When searching for the right treatment center, you’ll want to look for a program that offers a qualified team of medical professionals to walk you through detox, therapists to help you diagnose and treat the underlying causes of your addiction, and services to help you transition into sober living. Private, inpatient treatment is just the first step, but with the right support, recovery is possible.

Finding the Right Treatment Center in Colorado

Regardless of who you are or where you live, chances are that Colorado offers a treatment center to fit you needs. While almost all of them have a bevy of individual and group therapies, many also incorporate specialized training and activity programs to help you get the most out of your recovery.

The Rangeview Counseling Center in Boulder offers a mix of standard and holistic therapies. Their treatment programs emphasize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and utilize Motivational Interviewing, as well as Body/Mind Integration. In addition to helping their patients achieve recovery, counselors set them up for real world success by offering programs such as Court Readiness Preparation and Child and Family Stabilization courses.

Searching for an alcohol treatment center in Colorado? Let us help you. Contact today.In Longmont, Gateways to Transformation Healing Facility brings treatment into the amazing Colorado wilderness. Residents are encouraged to reconnect with nature by participating in a variety of extracurricular activities such as yoga and horseback riding as part of their therapies. Gateways extends special consideration to women and families who have been victims of domestic violence by offering parallel programs that take place in a family-friendly sober living facility.

For youth and adolescents struggling with alcohol abuse, The Third Way Center in Denver is a solid option. Residents are supported by a 24/7 staff, including a full-time, Master’s Level Drug and Alcohol Treatment Coordinator. Individual, group, and behavioral therapy sessions are available, and the program also boasts two state-approved academies and a litany of independent living courses to ease the transition into adulthood.

Searching for an alcohol treatment center in Colorado? Let us help you. Contact today.

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