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Wyoming Christian Alcohol Recovery CentersAlcohol Abuse Among Wyoming Christians

Alcohol dependence and abuse can touch the lives of any Wyoming residents, including its Christian population. The state is not exactly overflowing with representatives of this religion, ranking 37th among the “most Christian” states; nevertheless, 39,341 out of every 100,000 Wyoming residents identify themselves as Christian. Alcohol problems are also associated with a significant portion of the state’s population. Some 56,360 Wyoming residents age 12 and older typically consume alcohol within a given month, and 25,210 of them also indulge in binge drinking. (The CDC defines “binge drinking” as 5 or more drinks for men, or 4 or more drinks for women, at one time.) Perhaps the most alarming red flag for Wyoming alcohol abuse is the fact that 5 percent of the state’s residents admit to drinking every day.

Why Faith-based Treatment Makes a Difference for Christians

Why would a follower of the teachings of Christ require a different approach toward alcohol dependence or abuse than someone else? The central place of the Christian religion in their lives means that an alcohol problem represents a serious threat, not only to their physical and mental health, but to their spiritual health as well. Among other things, the Christian worldview calls for followers to demonstrate accountability toward their fellow man and to live their everyday lives with Christ as their example. Alcohol impairs judgement and encourages behaviors contrary to the Christian way of life. Sometimes the reverse is also true — a lapse of faith triggers the overuse of alcohol as a means of coping with the resulting pain and confusion. The healing process must therefore involve treatment of the soul as well as the body and mind so that alcohol-dependent Christians can once again draw strength from their connection with God.

Christian alcohol treatment programs incorporate this extra level of care into their recovery processes. Bible studies and other religious education are a common feature of these programs, as are prayer and/or meditation sessions and group therapy in which Christians can work together on their specific challenges from a similar mindset. When you enroll in a Christ-centered recovery program, repairing your relationship with God can give you added strength and resolve to put your life back the way it was, or make it better than had ever been before. You’ll also learn how to heal relationships with loved ones and enjoy new, healthy levels of self-esteem.

Christianity-based Alcohol Treatment Recovery Centers in Wyoming

Wyoming Christians burdened by alcohol abuse or dependence can seek relief for their condition at any of 22 cities across the state. Sheridan hosts 6 facilities that offer Christ-centered programs: Volunteers of America WYSTAR Outpatient and Men Residential, for instance, offers Christian short-term residential stays as well as extended-stay programs of 3 to 6 months. If you received your health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, you might choose to recover at Cheyenne VA Medical Center Substance Abuse Treatment Program, which accepts these plans along with a variety of other coverage types. Transitions Family Counseling and Mediation Center in Casper offers both substance abuse and mental health services. Personal Frontiers Inc in Gillette offers outpatient care; it also provides special services for Lakota and Spanish speakers.

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